Sex Addiction Treatment

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Sex Addiction TreatmentDeciding to seek qualified help for a sexual addiction is a proactive step towards taking back control of your life. However, it should be noted that dealing with a sexual addiction is going to require a lot of intensive and introspective work. The truth remains that within the first several months of any treatment program there is a risk of relapse. This often occurs when the stress factors of an individual have a chance to build up again and take hold. If the sufferer hasn’t come to terms with their coping mechanisms then they could regress. In many ways, a stumble backwards like this is not only expected, but a valuable lesson to learn during the recovery process. Reentry back into treatment after a relapse can actually strengthen your resolve and make you even more dedicated to your recovery.

As you begin treatment for a sexual addiction, you will be exploring your compulsion to act out on your sexual urges and desires. These impulses can take form as excessive masturbation, continuous viewing of online pornography or engaging in sex with multiple partners. Within each of those activities are various subsets of fetishes that form the foundation of the addiction. The goal with treatment is to identify those triggers which set off the compulsion and learn to manage them.

Types of Sex Addiction Treatment

The most beneficial and effective way to treat a sexual addiction would be to engage in some form of therapy. There are many varieties of therapy that a person suffering from a sex addiction can engage in. At some point, you might find a benefit in exploring all the different types of therapy. Among the therapy options are:

  • Individual Therapy. You’ll work directly with the therapist of your choice in ongoing sessions. In these sessions, you’ll be guided through an analysis of your addiction and hopefully unlock the reasons for developing this condition. Within the realm of therapy, you’ll find there are many approaches that a therapist can take to help get at your core issues. It is advisable to allow the process to work through issues, no matter how emotionally painful it might become.
  • Group Therapy. In group therapy, you’ll be sharing your trials and tribulations with others who are going through the same kinds of struggle. This is a nurturing environment that allows people in recovery to remove the blocks of shame and find support. Many groups use the model of the 12-step program to help guide you through your recovery. Yes, it’s a long journey but it is a journey that is made more palatable thanks to the support you can find within a group.
  • Couples Therapy. This type of focused therapy is designed to help couples navigate through the recovery process when one member is struggling with a sexual addiction. For the spouse of a sex addict there are many issues of abandonment and low self-esteem that can be generated. These feelings need to be brought into proper context against the backdrop of a sexual addiction.

Treatment Environments for Sex Addiction

As with other forms of addiction, you can find help for a sexual addiction as an inpatient at a rehabilitation facility. Checking into one of these centers allows you to wipe the slate clean and begin treatment without distraction or outside influences. The therapy work you begin as an inpatient can continue as an outpatient. Most rehab centers will have a complete aftercare program set up for your continuing recovery work.

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