How Grief Affects Mental Health

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How Grief Affects Mental HealthEveryone experiences times of grief in their life, whether it is the death of a loved one or some other major life event. Periods of grief are normal, but even during healthy periods of grief the feeling can have an effect on a person’s mental health. Whether you are mentally healthy or suffer from a mental disorder, suffering from grief changes the way you process things and can result in behavior that is out of the norm. While mentally healthy people may not notice much of an effect, and people with a mental disorder may be more at risk, everyone suffering from grief must take extra care to avoid abusing substances as a way to cope with their grief.

How is Grief Different if I Have a Mental Disorder?

For the most part, the best thing you can do if you are experiencing feelings of grief is to grieve and let the process take its course. If you suffer from a mental disorder and are dealing with feelings of grief, you should speak with your therapist about what you are going through and keep him up to date with how your grief is playing out. If you suffer from a mental disorder your brain’s chemistry may be different than it would be if you did not. Speaking with a therapist will help you work through your grief in healthy ways.

Coping With Grief in Healthy Ways

Coping with such a powerful emotion as grief is difficult, but there are plenty of healthy ways for you to cope and work through your grief. Speaking with loved ones that are also going through grief during your time of loss can be a great way for you to cope with your grief. Sharing stories about the deceased loved one or talking about how you feel can help you work through your grief. Other ways to cope with grief include exercise, reading, writing, playing music, making art, or meditating.

Addicted After Grief? Seek Addiction Treatment

If you have been going through a time of grief and found yourself turning to drugs and alcohol to cope instead of finding a healthy way to cope, you should seek addiction treatment immediately. Abusing drugs or alcohol will only make your grief worse, and addiction treatment is available that can help you get over your habit. Call our toll-free helpline today to speak with a trained addiction expert who can answer any questions you have about addiction or addiction treatment and direct you to an effective treatment center. We are here for you 24 hours a day and can let you know if your health insurance will help pay for rehab treatment, so call now.