Getting Sex Addiction Rehab Help

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Getting Sex Addiction Rehab Help

Many of us have “mild addictions” to things like a favorite dessert or television program. In these cases we might spend some moments preoccupied with thoughts about the next time we’ll get to enjoy that treat or watch that program. However, those thoughts aren’t controlling our lives or actions.

In the extreme cycle of any addiction, a person loses control over their urges which leads to actions that can cause harmful consequences. This is certainly the case with people who are caught up in the throes of a sexual addiction. When a person’s life has become preoccupied with thoughts of sex and seeking out physical gratification, it can have a grave impact on their career and relationships. For anyone with a sexual addiction problem, help is available at a qualified rehabilitation facility.

Benefits of a Rehab Stay for Sex Addiction

Deciding to check into a rehab center for a sexual addiction should not be considered as a “last ditch effort.” Instead, it should be embraced as a proactive step to regain control of your life. The immediate benefit of a rehab stay will be obvious — total focus on your recovery. There will be no distraction or triggers that could force you into those familiar patterns of addiction. Instead, you’ll be working directly with trained psychotherapists and counselors who will help you identify the root causes of your addiction. Once those areas have been explored, you’ll be able to develop positive coping mechanisms to help you confront your addiction head on when you return to your normal life.

The rehab environment is designed to provide a relaxing and accommodating atmosphere which is perfect for the kind of deep introspective work you’ll need to become engaged in. You’ll also find yourself working through issues with other folks who are suffering from the same addiction. Lifting the veil of shame and embarrassment can go a long way towards healing.

Beyond Sex Addiction Rehab Help

The real goal of a rehabilitation stay is to prepare you to rejoin your family and friends without the shackles of your addiction weighing you down. The positive work that is accomplished at a rehab center should fully integrate your family into the recovery process. This is especially important for a recovering sex addict and their spouse. As part of the therapy, your spouse will be invited into the sessions so you can work through issues together.  Quite often it has been found that getting help for a sexual addiction actually leads to more open lines of communication between spouses as well as a greater sense of intimacy.

After leaving a rehab center, you will be encouraged to continue your positive therapy work. You’ll be provided with information about recovery programs in your community which can become a strong source of comfort and support. You should also continue working one-on-one with a qualified therapist to make sure you are managing your impulses and urges.

Find the Sex Addiction Help You Need

As with any recovery program, the first step is asking for help. You’ll find dedicated counselors standing by at the toll-free number who can assist you with finding a rehabilitation facility for your needs.