Work-Related Stress and Sex Addiction

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Work-Related Stress and Sex AddictionMany people struggle with sex addiction, which can become an even greater concern with workplace stress. If you know someone who is a sex addict and deals with stress from work, then she needs professional help to address both problems at the same time and recover completely.

How Sex Addiction Works

Engaging in sexual behaviors does not necessarily mean sexual addiction; in fact, many people participate in sexual behaviors throughout their lives without developing an addiction. However, some people become dependent upon sex, both in thought and action, so sex can become a compulsive and harmful habit. Addicts often become overwhelmed by mental preoccupation with sex, and they may neglect other responsibilities as a result.

Sex addicts often take participate in a variety of sexual behaviors. Addicts may regularly view pornography and masturbate, and these acts may take priority over other meaningful activities. Additionally, a sex addict may turn down social offers because they would rather participate in sexually charged activities, which may damage relationships with friends of family over time.

Sex addicts sometimes engage in multiple or sequential affairs. They may realize how much emotional pain they cause their spouses, but they think they cannot stop themselves from acting on their sexual impulses. For other addicts, sexual behavior only involves a single partner, but they may coerce their partners to participate in sexual behaviors with which they are uncomfortable.

Sex as a Stress Reliever

When work-related stress affects people, they will seek ways to cope. Some people seek healthy ways to deal with stress, but others may become involved in sexual activity to feel better. Using sex to relieve stress can encourage a sex addiction, which will drive people to use sex for any problem that develops. Having sex to relieve stress is not always a problem, but it can be when someone requires sex to feel happy.

Sex Addiction in the Workplace

Sex addicts may have great difficulty functioning in the workplace. They face stress in hiding their problem and may constantly fear that others will find out. Sex addicts who frequently view pornography may fear that employers will look into their computer history. Those who cannot go through the day without masturbating may fear that coworkers will catch them. Lastly, if a sex addict becomes sexually involved with coworkers, he may fear the possibility of rumors or law-suits. Regardless of what a sex addict’s situation is, the workplace may feel like a burden, which can increase stress and worsen problems. Sex addicts who deal with work-related stress need professional help to recover.

Help for Sex Addicts with Work-Related Stress

If you or a loved one suffers from sex addiction and work-related stress, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about treatment for both of these conditions; you can recover with the right help.