Women and Sex Addiction

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Women and Sex AddictionThe realities of sex addiction are far from funny and far from enjoyable. An addiction to sex, like other addictions, can destroy your life, your career and your relationships. However there is help for sex addiction. Help starts with first recognizing the signs of sex addiction in yourself or in those you care about.

The Symptoms of Sex Addiction in Women

The symptoms of sex addiction are varied and will differ between women who are living with it, but the following symptoms are frequently seen:

  • Seeking out multiple sexual partners, anonymous partners or prostitutes
  • An avoidance of emotional involvement with those you are sexually active with
  • Cheating on your husband or partner or avoiding sexual relations with him or her
  • Using sexual activity as a way to control others
  • Frequent masturbation
  • The use of pornographic content
  • Exhibitionism and voyeurism

Sexual addiction is progressive. This means that in order to maintain the high felt during sexual experiences, the addict needs new and varied experiences. A progressive addiction can lead to taking part in dangerous and even life-threatening activities. Some of the dangers of an addiction to sex include the following:

  • Severe personal relationship problems which could include divorce or losing custody of your children
  • At-risk employment status due to your addiction-related behaviors
  • Health problems stemming from contracting sexual transmitted infections
  • Injuries sustained from risky sexual activity
  • Arrest and jail time due to engaging in risky or illegal activities as related to sex addiction

Sex Addiction Recovery

Sex addiction help for women includes a thorough look at what emotional and mental concerns might be contributing to addiction. Sexual addiction is not necessarily about an enjoyment of the act itself, as it is more closely related to an inability to connect to others in a healthy manner. Sex addiction rehab programs offer sex addiction treatment that will delve into the reasons behind the addiction. A safe environment will allow you to receive professional help for sex addiction without the fear of being judged.

Many women form an addiction to sex as a misguided means of trying to connect physically to someone as a type of validation. This is mentally unhealthy, and it does not help them to heal from the mental and emotional issues that are the root cause of addiction. In other cases sex may become a way to alleviate anxiety or depression. Unfortunately women who suffer from sex addiction often experience dangerous or traumatic sexual interactions. Assault, rape and personal violations can happen to women who are addicted to sex. These issues require a supportive and integrated treatment plan so that patients can move on to a happier and healthier life.

Receive Sex Addiction Help Today

Call our toll-free sex addiction helpline and talk with one of our compassionate counselors in confidence. We offer sex addiction help for women that will address past traumas and co-occurring depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns that are contributing to the addiction. We also offer family counseling to help your family reconnect in healthy and productive ways. We can even help you arrange coverage for treatment under your insurance plan if desired. Our focus is on getting you quality treatment from professionals who are dedicated to your recovery. Call us today.