Will I Be the Only Woman in Sex Addiction Treatment?

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Will I Be the Only Woman in Sex Addiction Treatment?Women who become addicted to sex may have concerns and issues that men do not. Information about sex addiction is often aimed at men and takes women for granted, using language and examples that only relate to men. While society and western culture typically praises men for being sexually voracious, women are shamed for promiscuity. Due to this shame women may find it harder to seek help for their problem. Many women who become addicted to sex lacked emotional intimacy and support in childhood, and may be unable to form healthy romantic relationships.

Are Sex Addiction and Love Addiction the Same Thing?

Women may sometimes be called love addicts as their unhealthy sexual activity stems from a misguided belief that they can find true love through sex. Women may have sex with multiple partners in a short amount of time to search for someone special. They may believe that sex and emotional intimacy are synonymous. Women who suffer from sex addiction may use seduction and sex to exert power over others. They may see others as competition and have trouble forming positive female friendships.

Women may experience a sense of euphoria from sex and new relationships, and they may form high levels of attachment at early stages of relationships. They may be attracted to emotionally troubled men and unhealthy relationships. Women who are addicted to sex or romance may use sexual and emotional intimacy to hide from their own unhappiness or loneliness.

What Happens in Sex Addiction Treatment

Treatment for sex addiction may include both men and women, although there may be more men in attendance. Men and women discuss their problems with sex and are assigned a sponsor to mentor them to quit using sex in negative ways. This may benefit some attendees, but some women may be uncomfortable discussing their sex lives with men they don’t know, and a male sponsor may not be a healthy relationship for some women in recovery.

Professional treatment for sex addiction may be more likely to be segregated by gender to make members more comfortable. Many female patients find it easier to talk about their problems with those of the same sexual orientation, and they may open up about past sexual trauma without men present. The unique cultural and emotional concerns of women will be addressed in more detail when all patients are female.

Sex addiction treatment usually requires a temporary period of abstinence to allow patients to focus on recovery and deal with underlying causes of unhealthy behavior. Women will attend group therapy and individual counseling that teaches them to have healthy relationships with genuine emotional intimacy.

Why Women May Benefit from Gender-specific Sex Addiction Treatment

Women sex addicts may be more comfortable in women-only treatment. They may have experienced past sexual abuse or struggle with difficult emotions due to relationships. Being in a group including men may make these women uncomfortable and this may complicate their ability to be open about their feelings and recover. Bonding with other women in treatment may help patients regain self-esteem and learn to have emotional intimacy and trusting relationships without sex.

Sex Addiction Treatment for Women

If you struggle with sex addiction or intimacy issues, we can help. We can help you regain control over your emotional and sexual life to have healthy relationships. Call our toll-free, 24 helpline to speak to one of our counselors about finding treatment that will work for you.