Who Needs Sex Addiction Rehab

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Do you need sex rehabSexual relationships are part of human behavior. Beyond the purely procreational instincts, the desire to be intimate with another person is part of our psyche. That intimacy can either be emotional or physical. There is nothing wrong with exploring a healthy sexual relationship with a consenting partner. However, when that need for sexual satisfaction becomes a dominant factor in a person’s life then an addiction problem could be created. If this addiction goes untreated, it can lead to the dismantling of relationships. In extreme cases, it could also result in sexually transmitted diseases or possible incarceration for illegal sexual activities.

Who Needs Sex Addiction Treatment?

There are several clear indicators of a sexual addiction. Anyone who exhibits these warning signs should consider seeking out professional help in the form of therapy or a dedicated sexual addiction rehabilitation program. Among these warning signs are:

  • An inability to control sexual urges even though there is a realization that acting out on those urges puts a person’s health or relationships at risk.
  • Obsessive thoughts about sex and sexual fantasies.
  • Excessive amounts of time seeking out sexual gratification.
  • Engaging in high-risk sexual situations such as sex with prostitutes or unprotected sex with strangers that could led to STDs such as HIV/AIDS, herpes or VD.
  • Recurring failed attempts to curtail the sexual compulsions.

Understanding Sexual Addiction Rehab

Any time an addict reaches out for help, there is a certain level of shame and embarrassment associated with the process. This is especially true for a sex addict. Even the very notion of talking about their problem and inner most secrets could prevent a sufferer from seeking help. This is why the rehabilitation environment is such an enriching experience for most addicts. Checking into an extended stay at a rehab center allows the patient to focus exclusively on their addiction. There will be none of the typical distractions they would find on the outside. This enables the patient to get to the heart of their problem and find ways to manage their behavior.

At a rehab facility, a patient can expect to engage in individual therapy. These private sessions allows the patient to open up about their addiction and delve into those factors that might have contributed to the situation. Once those factors have been determined, a system of coping with those impulses can be developed.

Staying at a rehab center for sexual addiction treatment also affords a person the chance to get involved with group therapy sessions. Hearing stories from other addicts can reduce the sense of isolation and inspire positive emotional breakthroughs.

Throughout their stay, an individual at a rehab center will also be creating a comprehensive aftercare program. These are designed to encourage the continuity of treatment along with providing ongoing support for the recovery journey.

To find out more about the various types of rehabilitation centers available for persons struggling with a sexual addiction call the toll-free number on this page. Counselors are standing by to assist you with information on many recovery options.