What to Do If Someone You Love Is a Sex Addict

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What to Do If Someone You Love Is a Sex AddictWhether you have known for some time or have recently discovered that the person you love has a sexual addiction, the impact on your life can be severe. You may be flooded with a range of emotions, an endless stream of questions and confusion about your future together. You may be asking the following questions:

  • What should your next step be?
  • Is your relationship salvageable?
  • Does your loved one want to stay with you?
  • Can professional help benefit your relationship?

A sex addiction recovery program should be something that you are seriously considering. Sex addiction treatment will help your loved one get the professional quality help that he or she needs, and it will benefit you as well.

Is It Cheating or a Sex Addiction?

Many people hold the misguided belief that their loved one’s sexual addiction is closely related to cheating and having an extramarital relationship. However a sexual addiction is very much like any other addiction in that many of the actions are no longer in the individual’s control. The following are some of the signs and symptoms of sex addiction:

  • Frequent use of pornography
  • Taking part in phone or virtual sex
  • Multiple anonymous partners
  • Taking risks including unsafe sex and anonymous one-night stands
  • No emotional bond with partners
  • Voyeurism
  • Escalating the risk associated with sexual behaviors

The person with the sexual addiction doesn’t necessarily enjoy sex-related activities, and this can lead him or her to take greater risks. A great deal of guilt and shame can accompany sexual behaviors. Sexual addicts feel they have no control over their behaviors, as they cannot stop even when they are seeing harsh negative consequences in their life.

How Can You Help Your Loved One?

Once you recognize signs of a sex addiction in your loved one, your next step should be to get professional help. The causes of sex addiction are unique to each individual and need to be addressed during professional sex addiction treatment. Your loved one’s addiction might stem from some of the following frequently seen causes of sex addiction:

  • Unresolved abuse from childhood including sexual, emotional or physical abuse
  • Having seen one or both parents act in a similar manner leading to the belief that such behaviors are acceptable
  • Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem

A quality sex addiction rehab program will help your loved one receive professional treatment, work through emotional and mental issues related to the addiction and strengthen your relationship.

Getting Professional Help for the Sex Addict in Your Life

If an intervention is needed, a professional interventionist can guide you through the process. If your loved one is ready to accept help, recovery programs can provide the resources needed for lasting healing. Call our toll-free sex addiction helpline to confidentially discuss your loved one’s addiction. Your relationship and your future greatly depends on the sex addiction treatment your loved one receives.