What Is Sexual Sobriety?

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What Is Sexual Sobriety?According to the Society for Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH), there is no one definition for sexual sobriety; but rather unique sexual sobriety plans that are designed for each individual. Complete abstinence works when a person wants to remain sober from drugs or alcohol, but does not work for an extended period of time for a person with a sex addiction. Therefore, each person needs to create a sexual sobriety plan that is monitored and modified at different stages in the addict’s recovery.

Sexual Sobriety Plans

A sexual sobriety plan is similar to a drug addiction treatment plan in the following ways:

  • The plan is initiated with the help of an addiction professional to meet the current needs of the addict.
  • The plan needs to be clear and measureable.
  • The plan needs to be continually monitored.
  • The plan needs to be modified and adjusted throughout the addict’s recovery process.
  • The plan needs to provide the addict with the skills and emotional stability to maintain his sobriety.

While the parameters of a plan are the same for each person, the content of the plan varies for each person based on their recovery progress.

Unique Components of a Sobriety Plan

Since sexual addiction is behaviorally oriented, the unique component of a sexual sobriety plan is that it describes specific behaviors that the addict should perform to maintain sobriety. While these behaviors are different for each addict and may change as the addict progresses through recovery, they are clearly defined behaviors that provide a roadmap to keep the addict on the road to recovery. When an addict encounters a situation in which his sobriety is challenged, he can refer to the sobriety plan to see the concrete course of action that maintains sobriety.

Another unique component of the sobriety plan is that it contains the personal beliefs, values, and goals that the addict has for his recovery. Therefore, when confronted with a trigger, instead of responding impulsively, the addict can refer to his plan to help maintain a focus on recovery.

Between the value reminders and the clear behavioral direction, the sexual sobriety plan can help an addict maintain sobriety even during the most challenging of circumstances.

Treatment for Sex Addiction

Inpatient or residential treatment protects the addict from the specific situations or people that trigger compulsive sexual activity. There are inpatient services at a drug addiction treatment program are relevant to a sex addict such as individual and group counseling, nutritional and fitness education, and education to identify and cope with triggers and cravings. In addition, an inpatient treatment facility that deals with sex addiction would also include the following:

  • Couples therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Health risk awareness and education
  • Creating a sobriety plan

In addition, should the sex addict be struggling with drug abuse, a quality inpatient program can create an integrated treatment plan to deal with both issues.

Finding Help for Sex Addiction

Learning to control your sex addiction may often lead to frustration, depression, or anxiety. People who are struggling with those emotions often turn towards drugs to relieve these emotional symptoms. Unfortunately, drug abuse and sex addiction create a co-occurring disorder. We can help you break the ties by helping you find an integrated treatment program that is right for you. Please call our toll-free number today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about integrated treatment.