What Is Relationship Addiction?

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What Is Relationship Addiction?We’ve all had moments where we thought that we couldn’t possibly live without our significant others in our lives. We may have even made light about having a type of love addiction. While it can certainly be a source of amusement, the reality is that relationship dependency can actually be just as worrisome as other non-drug addictions and often for many of the same reasons.

The Relationship Addiction

The classic definition of an addiction relates to the compulsive pursuit of a behavior, regardless of the negative consequences. When you consider it in such a manner, you’ll see that a relationship addiction meets all of the essential criteria for an addiction. A love addiction can be one of the most challenging sets of behaviors to break from, because it is not always recognized as being a destructive and compulsive behavior.

Like any form of addictive behavior however, you may start to feel as though your life depends on being able to stay in the relationship. You may recognize on some level that the relationship and situation are both unhealthy, but rational thinking is often in short supply when in the grips of compulsive behavior.

Addictive relationships often have several similarities and follow typical patterns, including the following signs of relationship addiction:

  • The relationship moves swiftly, without time taken to establish a friendship and build up trust in one another
  • You feel an intense connection with your partner, and may rush into engaging in sexual activity that fuels you with almost ecstatic feelings.
  • You start to neglect your friendships and your family relationships in order to spend more time with your partner
  • You lose interest in hobbies and other activities that once brought you happiness
  • You find yourself declaring love and monogamous commitments very early on in the relationship
  • Feelings of panic and anxiety set in if you feel as though your partner is withdrawing from the relationship

In many situations where there is relationship dependency, you may recognize after a large argument that your partner is not the person you’d truly imagined him or her to be. But instead of severing the relationship, you feel intense panic and feelings of being unworthy of your partner’s love. You may find yourself begging, pleading, and doing all that you can do in order to regain the affections of your partner. In some cases, you may rush out to try to find other people to date in order to not be alone.

This pattern can often result even when there is physical and emotional abuse present in a relationship. Many partners of those with a love addiction can become somewhat abusive; they may return to the relationship but place heavy restrictions and demands on you in order to ensure you are submitting to their will.

This can start a painful cycle of rejection, panic, anxiety, and self-harming behaviors. You may turn to drugs or alcohol, or you may develop an eating disorder, all as a means of trying to gain some sort of control over your own life. Co-dependency and relationship addiction can derail your life just as severely as a drug addiction can, which makes it all the more important for you to reach out for relationship addiction help.

The Roots of Love Addiction

As with every form of compulsive behavior, the roots of the addiction could be based on a number of things. The signs of relationship addiction often manifest in those who did not receive adequate affection and love from their own parents. Fractured relationships with parents could lead to emotional needs that are never completely matured and met, and lead to you to crave attention, love, and the company of someone who does not show you equal affection.

Adults living with relationship dependence typically have never had their critical childhood emotional needs met. This leads to the unconscious belief that they are unworthy of love, and destined to live alone.

Seeking Relationship Addiction Help

A healthy and loving relationship is possible in your future. Consider relationship addiction help and learn more the signs of relationship addiction, and how you can avoid the hazards of relapsing into another love addiction. Co-dependency and relationship addiction do not need to dominate your life. Call our toll-free helpline, anytime, 24 hours a day, to learn more about love addiction, codependency and breaking free from abusive and destructive relationships.