Virtual Sex Addiction

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Virtual Sex AddictionSex addiction is a controversial subject among addiction specialists. Some contend that addiction requires a substance be involved, but others think this an outdated viewpoint as brain scans show differences between addicted and non-addicted brains with or without a substance. Brain scans also show similarities between people who are addicted to substances and behaviors such as sex. A useful working definition of addiction is obsessively or compulsively engaging in destructive behavior despite negative consequences. According to this, some forms of sexual behavior certainly qualify as addiction.

How the Internet Triggers Sex Addiction

Assuming that sex addiction is real, then addiction to certain sexual behaviors has always existed. Promiscuity, sexual assault, voyeurism, exhibitionism, child sexual abuse and a host of other unhealthy and behaviors are nothing new, and there have always been people who engaged in them. However, when the internet debuted in the late 1990s, the phenomenon of cybersex was born. The internet instantly became a forum for all manners of pornography. It can be easy for those who are predisposed to addiction to become preoccupied with internet pornography.

The internet also provides a platform for a huge number of dating websites. Many are geared toward finding love and romance with the goal of finding a life partner, but others are geared toward casual, promiscuous sex. Again, this preponderance of opportunities for casual sex can trigger or enable sex addiction the way that living next to a casino can trigger or enable gambling addiction.

How Sex Addiction Works

As with all addictions, virtual sex addiction is progressive, meaning that addicts become more and more preoccupied with the addiction until it consumes their existence. Internet sex addiction can be an easy trap to fall into. The internet never closes, and nearly everyone has a computer and access to the internet at all hours of the day in the complete privacy of their homes. A person can quickly get into the habit of surfing porn sites, dating sites or adult chat rooms. It is likely that before long this pursuit will replace healthier forms of interpersonal interaction such as actual dating, romance and healthy, consensual sex.

Treatment for Virtual Sex Addiction

Internet sex addiction can seriously damage patients and their loved ones. Addicts may withdraw and become isolated from family and friends, spend large amounts of money on adult website memberships and may even be tempted to engage in illegal activities such as downloading child pornography.

If you are addicted to virtual sex and need help regaining control of your life, or if you have any questions about virtual sex addiction, treatment and recovery, please call our toll-free helpline today. Counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have and to help you find the treatment you need.