Understanding Cravings for Physical Intimacy

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Understanding Cravings for Physical IntimacyGetting physical is on lot of people’s minds, but if a craving for physical intimacy starts consuming most of your thoughts or harms your relationships, the craving could suggest that you need help. Seek treatment today to treat your desires before they control you and possibly ruin your life.

What Is Physical Intimacy?

Physical intimacy includes different types of touch and emotional connections. It is commonly associated with a sensual or sexual relationship, but not all types of touch are sexual. When thinking about the kind of physical intimacy common between two people in a sexual relationship, the University of Florida Counseling & Wellness Center defines intimacy in the following ways:

  • Foreplay (non-coital sexual activity)
  • Bathing together
  • Swimming together
  • Providing sexual touch
  • Stroking the other person’s body
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Caring words (talking with each other after intercourse)

While these are common in a sexual relationship with emotional intimacy, many people attempt to fabricate the emotional intimacy through meaningless sex.

Finding Beneficial Physical Intimacy

The desire to touch and be touched by another person is a common feeling. Some people want physical intimacy with another person to feel more secure and loved. Sexual intimacy is important in a romantic relationship, but sometimes partners want physical intimacy for more complicated reasons.

Adults need physical touch as much as infants do, writes Susa Johnson in “Hold Me Tight,” an article published on the mental health site Psych Central. The need to feel attached to another person never ends. Both men and women benefit from plenty of non-sexual contact that can include hugs and pats on the back. Johnson says men in America may use sex to get physical intimacy, because it is more likely for women to touch each other encouragingly while men hold back on such interaction.

The Need for Physical Intimacy

In a relationship, many fights over sex and physical intimacy may be traced to an individual’s need for a comforting touch. Single people need physical intimacy as well, so they may become depressed or feel lonely without human contact. Johnson says it is important for people to understand the need for physical touch and find healthy ways to reach out to other people.

Help with Physical Intimacy Issues

If you are looking for help because of a struggle to find physical intimacy, please call our toll-free helpline. We help people with emotional support addresses people’s unique needs. Call us now as we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Do not wait another moment to get help.