Sex Addiction Treatment for Women

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Sex Addiction Treatment for WomenSex addiction statistics have shown that among the genders, there are definitely more men who have been clinically diagnosed with the compulsive disorder than women. However, that’s not to say that women can’t be equally impacted by the inability to control their sexual urges. Just like with a man, a woman can spend many hours obsessing over sexual thoughts and fantasies. This can lead to them building up walls of isolation around themselves and creating fractures in their relationships. Coming to terms with the general misconception that only men can be addicted to sex can help open the door for many women who need to seek out treatment.

Misconceptions About Women Sex Addicts

One common misconception about sexual addiction for women is that it is based more around the obsession for love or an emotional bonding with a specific individual. Quite often the opposite is true where a woman will be using her sexual encounters as a way of assuming a mantle of control and quenching a thirst for power. These kinds of manifestation could have been created as a result of some form of past abuse or trauma.

A woman can just as easily become addicted to online pornography as a man could. These urges can also lead to cycles of excessive masturbation and anonymous sexual encounters. As with their male counterparts, a woman caught up in the struggles of a sexual addiction can have the same issues around intimacy and commitment to a relationship. The need to satisfy those sexual impulses can lead to an acting out in high-risk and even illegal behaviors.

Treatment Options for Women Sex Addicts

At the center of any addiction problem is a lack of confidence or self-esteem. An addicted can have deep-seeded feelings of worthlessness which contribute to the need to seek out intimacy with others. Often, these encounters only exacerbate the underlying issues of inadequacy. The same kind of effective treatment programs that work for men can also work for women. Among the options available are:

The goal is to find the right program that works for the individual woman’s needs. With either the group or individual therapy setting, a woman might be more comfortable being supported by other women. This is especially important because of the intense work that needs to be accomplished during these therapy sessions. Having men in the same room could raise the specter of judgment and recriminations which can interfere with the recovery process.

Part of a successful treatment program is being able to readjust behavior patterns to avoid the temptation of a relapse. This will require changing a woman’s attitudes towards romance, sex and intimacy. It could also mean cutting out those destructive habits which can cause a downward slide back into the addiction cycle.

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