The Role of Shame in Sex Addiction

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The Role of Shame in Sex AddictionWhile some may mistakenly believe that sex addiction only justifies promiscuity, anyone with this terrible addiction knows it is a debilitating problem. Sexual addicts often have a significant amount of shame associated with the addiction, so treatment must address both problems at the same time.

How Sex Addiction Works

People can understand sex addiction when compared to other types of addiction. The way a drug gets addicts high is the same way that sexual activity gets sex addicts high. Both the high from the drug and sexual activity help addicts feel a sense of normalcy while medicating stress, loneliness or other deep emotional issues.

Shame goes fairly deep with both sex and drug addiction. Addicts have a tremendous amount of shame about the behavior, but as the addiction progresses, addicts will struggle to control negative behaviors and feel despair to control these compulsive behaviors. This loss of self-worth and esteem can also drive addicts even deeper into addiction. All of these acts will accompany a lot of shame about the behavior.

Because there is so much shame surrounding sexual addiction, addicts live in constant fear of discovery. This can make seeking help incredibly challenging; the sense of shame can often make an addict feel as though she will be judged rather than treated. This means that the addict may delay sex addiction recovery to avoid adding an already deep sense of shame.

It is important to mention that, when a sex addict enters rehab, he will feel completely at ease. The goal of sex addiction treatment is to allow the addict to feel at ease, that he can open up about the issues that led to the addiction. The environment inside of a sex addiction treatment facility will be safe, and will only have the best interests of the addict at heart.

Delaying treatment for out of control sexual behavior can lead to a host of consequences that may include the loss of your loved one, loss of your job, exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies and the dangers that accompany sexual activity with threatening strangers.

Sex Addiction Help

Walk away from the sex addiction and seek help by entering into a recovery program. Our toll-free helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by knowledgeable counselors who will offer no judgment about your addiction. Their goals are to help you become free from the cycle of shame and addiction, and you can regain control of your life.