Sex Addiction Statistics

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Sex Addiction StatisticsWith the easy access to online pornography and classified “hook-up” ads, there has been an uptick in the number of men and women who have been clinically diagnosed as having a sexual addiction problem. Like other forms of addictive behavior, a person who is lost in the seemingly endless cycle of a sexual addiction can threaten their health, the health of their spouse and their career. To understand the scope of this disorder, it’s important to consider the statistics surrounding sexual addiction.

Sex Addiction and Rehab Statistics

A sex addict is often described as a person who lacks control over their sexual impulses. Applying that type of definition finds that close to nine million Americans are currently coping with a variation of a sex addiction. In terms of a serious sexual compulsion disorder, recent studies have found that there is an average of three to six percent of citizens in this country who are struggling with this issue.

Any treatment program for an addict includes intense psychotherapy to get at the root causes of the disorder. For sex addicts, one commonality is often incidents of sexual abuse in their past. This is especially true for women who have developed a sexual addiction issue. A survey sponsored by the American Medical Association found that in the cases of patients who were victims of child sexual abuse, up to 80 percent of those individuals were prone to develop problems associated with becoming a sex addict.

Dual Diagnosis Sex Addiction

It has been noted by medical researchers that often a person who is struggling with a sex addiction is also prone to develop a drug or alcohol abuse problem as well. The recent statistics on the Dual Diagnosis of a sex addict has found that up to 55 percent of sex addicts are more at risk of developing an addiction to cocaine or amphetamines than the regular population would be. And just over 70 percent of cocaine addicts have also developed a sexual addiction problem.

Sex Addiction and Internet Use

Researchers have also found a causal link between viewing online pornography and developing a lack impulse control issue. It has been found through surveys that among workers who have the ability to surf the Internet, at least 25 percent of them spend time looking at pornography during the work day. Along with just viewing pornography, it was found that in 2007 alone up to 25 million Americans spent anywhere between one and 10 hours a week visiting “cyber-sex” sites.

According to Internet Filter Review, which is a company that provides consumer information on website filter programs, there were at least 260 million pages of pornographic material available on the Internet just in 2003 alone. You can imagine that number has grown significantly. They also found that at least 10 percent of adults have admitted to having a form of online porn addiction.

All of these numbers add up to the very serious conclusion that sexual addiction problems are very real. Fortunately, help is available to treat this addiction. Call the toll-free number on this page to discuss the available recovery programs that can meet your needs.