How Sex Addiction Is Represented in the Media

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How Sex Addiction Is Represented in the MediaWith recent sex scandals being categorized in the media as the symptoms of a sex addiction, many Americans are curious if sex addiction is in fact an actual “disease”. Sex addiction, which is when an individual is unable to manage his or her sexual behavior properly, is a very real thing. Many individuals struggling with this addiction are unable to control their sexual impulses and find themselves engaged in risky sexual behavior that can jeopardize their livelihood.

How Does the Media Portray Sex Addiction?

The media has a massive influence on the American people, and sometimes that influence can be detrimental. While there are media outlets that accurately represent sex addiction as a disease, most media outlets get caught up in the drama that sex addiction can create. Some of the many ways in which the media inaccurately portrays sex addiction include the following:

  • Treatment is an excuse – High-profile individuals who have gone on record to admit their sex addiction have often faced a serious media backlash. The news media tends to report that individuals entering rehab for sex addiction are only doing so to save their image, which only adds to the misrepresentation that a sex addiction is not a real disease.
  • Sex addicts are bad people – There is no doubt that sex addiction is going to cause individuals to do things that are harmful to themselves and others, however having sex addiction does not make them bad people. When stars admit sex addiction, the media immediately portrays them as bad people who lack morals, rather than understanding the power it has over their lives.
  • Sex addiction is not real – The majority of media outlets have just recently begun to speak with mental health professionals about whether or not sex addiction is truly classified as a disease. This is a major step in the right direction; however, there are still many misconceptions about this disease.

The media often portrays sex addiction in a negative light, making it seem like individuals use sex addiction as an excuse, that these addicts are bad people and that sex addiction itself is not “real”.

Treatment for Sex Addiction

Regardless of what the media has to say about sex addiction, the truth is that there is help for those struggling with sex addiction. Professional services such as behavioral therapy and psychotherapy can be offered at rehab centers to help individuals manage their sexual behavior in an acceptable manner. In addition, rehab centers can also provide group and individual therapy to help reestablish self-esteem and accountability in recovering sex addicts.

Do You Need Treatment for Sex Addiction?

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