Sex Addiction and Dependent Personality Disorder

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Sex Addiction and Dependent Personality DisorderIt is common for those with dependent personality disorder (DPD) to engage in sexual acts to gain acceptance, love, and attention. Some of the many traits that define DPD include symptoms such as this, and also include needy behavior, lack of self-esteem, need for reassurance from others, and difficulty making decisions independently.

How Sex Addiction Fuels the Needs of Dependent Personality Disorder

Some people who have DPD are likely to find themselves in the midst of troubled relationships since their aggressive behavior can quickly overwhelm the person they have become dependent on. When the person with DPD channels their desires for attention into a sex addiction, their situation can grow more complex. Some of the reasons a person with DPD might develop a sex addiction can include:

  • Gaining acceptance – A person with DPD might think that if they are able to engage their significant other in intercourse that this act proves that he accepts them. Because the need for acceptance is so strong for someone with DPD, the sexual relationship that forms is usually unhealthy.
  • Risky behavior – Most people who have DPD are likely to engage in risky behavior, such as unsafe sexual encounters. A sex addict may be searching for love and satisfaction, but as a disorder such as DPD makes it complicated to make healthy decisions, the person can suffer negative consequences for their risky behavior, such as sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.

Many people with dependent personality disorder may find themselves succumbing to a sex addiction as they attempt to avoid any feelings of rejection, abandonment, or loss by engaging in unhealthy and potentially unsafe behaviors.

Help Is Out There for Sex Addicts with Dependent Personality Disorder

Having a DPD can be extremely difficult, and suffers may have trouble accepting that their behavior is unhealthy. The most effective way of treating both issues is through Dual Diagnosis treatment, where the person can work with a therapist to address both issues simultaneously and develop coping skills to help them achieve success long past treatment.

Are You Struggling with DPD, a Sex Addiction, or Both?

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