Sex Addiction and a Sex Offender Conviction

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Sex Addiction and a Sex Offender ConvictionA sex addiction can be an emotionally painful and shameful part of an individual’s life. Without help some sex addicts may begin committing illegal acts such as exposing genitalia in public, hiring prostitutes or abusing children.

Sex Addiction and Shame

Since many sex addicts engage in behaviors that society or family members condemn, they often hide their addiction. Because the topic of sex addiction is taboo for many people, it is difficult to speak up, ask for help or even understand the situation. Sex addiction may start out with actions that remain hidden and subtle at first, but the addiction will escalate with time. Avoiding or ignoring the problem is not a solution.

Who Is a Sex Addict?

Common definitions of a sex addict describe a person who has numerous sexual encounters with strangers, but there are different types of sex addictions. A person who engages repetitively or compulsively in one or more of the following behaviors may have a sex addiction according to the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health:

  • Masturbating
  • Viewing pornography
  • Engaging in cybersex or phone sex
  • Visiting strip clubs
  • Hiring prostitutes
  • Having unsafe sex
  • Objectifying or sexualizing a partner
  • Shopping at adult bookstores
  • Feeling averse to sex

While sex addiction takes many forms, the behaviors keep people from feeling emotionally close to family and friends. There are high personal, professional and legal costs to untreated sex addiction.

Sex Offender Conviction

Sex addiction can lead to a sex offender conviction. U.S. laws governing sex vary by state or jurisdiction, but depending on the seriousness of the crime a sex offender may be included on the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender registry. Serious offenses include child molestation or sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape and statutory rape. Professional addiction treatment is a key method for preventing future offenses.

Looking for Sex Addiction Treatment?

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