Self-Sex Addiction Therapy

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Self-Sex Addiction TherapyThere are many kinds of sexual addictions, including self-sex addiction. Self-sex addicts find themselves compulsively masturbating to a point where it begins to interfere with their lives. Learning how to control their sexually addictive behaviors is beneficial in not only stopping compulsive behaviors from dictating their lives, but also to help prevent hurting significant others and family members with their actions.

What Does Self-Sex Addiction Treatment Include?

It can take specialized treatment as well as a strong relapse prevention plan to truly bring change to the life of a self-sex addict. By addressing their issues and learning how to cope with urges, self-sex addicts can be released from the ever-constant need to indulge in their impulses. During self-sex treatment, addicts will experience the following techniques to help them break free of their addiction:

  • Individual therapy – During self-sex therapy, it is important that addicts have the opportunity to address their issues in a private setting free of judgment from others. Here, they can partner with a therapist who can begin to analyze their issues with sexual function, feelings and/or existing intimacy issues that might be contributing to their self-sex practices.
  • Martial/family therapy – For many self-sex addicts, their behaviors severely impact their relationships with their spouses or other family members. By inviting them to join in on family therapy, both the addict and their loved one(s) can get the treatment they need to understand the addiction and begin healing.
  • Support groups – Support groups such as Sex Addicts Anonymous allow self-sex addicts to gain understanding and assistance from others who have experienced the same addiction. Not only are they developing a support group to help them maintain their sobriety, they are also able to support others in return, which has been proven to be one of the best ways to prevent future relapse.
  • Prescription assistance – Self-sex addicts often have compulsive disorders such as OCD, which make them more likely to engage in obsessive sexual behavior in the future. To help address these issues, doctors in treatment programs can prescribe medications such as Xanax to help control these behaviors on a moderate level.

In treatment, self-sex addicts will receive individualized treatment that allows them to rebuild damaged relationships with loved ones, develop a strong group of supporters and address any mental disorders that influence their negative behaviors.

Staying Clean

Getting back into the real world after treatment can be difficult, but a major part of rehab is learning how to prevent relapse in the future. To avoid temptation, it is important that self-sex addicts avoiding blaming themselves for their impulses, create an environment free of sexual devices, develop a new hobby to use as an outlet for frustrations and keep in contact with a member of their support group for when they feel triggered.

Do You Need Help with a Self-Sex Addiction?

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