Searching for Love through Sex and Drug Use

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An addiction to sexual behaviors is destructive and may even be life-threatening. While the causes of sex addiction vary between individuals, all who display the symptoms of sex addiction are seeking something that is otherwise missing from their life.

The Symptoms of Sex Addiction

Recognizing the symptoms of sex addiction can help you recognize that you are in need of quality help for sex addiction. The following are some of the symptoms of sex addiction:

  • Engaging in numerous extramarital affairs
  • Numerous one night stands and anonymous sexual encounters
  • Escalating behaviors that may include seeking out anonymous partners
  • Taking increasingly dangerous risks that may result in assault or life-threatening injuries
  • Voyeurism, exhibitionist and stalking
  • Excessive usage of pornographic materials

Without the benefit of sex addiction treatment some may turn to assaulting others as a part of complex fantasies they have concocted while in the grips of their addiction. Sex addiction is also often connected to drug addiction. Sex addiction will escalate, so getting professional help before things become dangerous is vital.

Causes of Sex Addiction

The causes of sex addiction vary, but they may include the following:

  • Emotionally distant parents
  • Traumatic childhood events
  • Traumatic life events or relationships
  • Anxiety, bipolar disorder or depression
  • An inability to connect in an emotional manner

These causes may lead individuals to seek out what they may perceive to be a form of love through their sexual activities. This is not necessarily a search for a one true love but is rather the result of the following:

  • A need to feel accepted
  • A strong desire to feel wanted
  • A need to feel appreciated
  • A need to feel empowered
  • Looking to make a true connection with someone

Getting professional help for sex addiction will explore the true causes of addiction. The inclusion of an addiction to drugs can make a sexual addiction that much more complex, especially as the addiction may also be a means of helping the addict seek out the love, affection and appreciation that he or she feels is lacking in life.

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