Resources for Wives of Sexual Addicts

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Resources for Wives of Sexual AddictsThere are many things that can cause devastation in a marriage, and a spouse who has a sexual addiction is one of them. Your loved one’s sex addiction not only impacts him, but can also impact you, your children and the rest of the family as well.

Resources for Wives

If you are a wife of a sex addict, you have likely experienced a variety of different emotions that have caused an overload of stress in your marriage. You might be feeling worthless, depressed, angry and having a hard time trusting your husband and everyone around you. While you can try to work through the challenges of sexual addiction with your husband, you might feel that you need more assistance. Some beneficial resources available to you include:

  • Support groups – Women are known to be more vocal in their communication, meaning they need more time to vent about their frustrations and talk through challenges in their life. Joining a support group will allow you to talk about your feelings and get help to move forward.
  • Couples therapy – You most likely have taken your husband to couples therapy to help address the underlying problems in your marriage, however many couples therapy sessions can also include individual sessions where you receive the attention you need on a personal level. This can provide you with the comfort to talk about your individual concerns in a place where you husband is not present.
  • Education – At first glance, you might think your husband is just a cheater with little to no moral values. You might not even remember why you married him in the first place. However, like all addictions, sex addiction is a disease that can develop beyond an individual’s ability to control it. Learning about how sexual addiction develops, what it does to your husband and why the cycle continues can be extremely beneficial in your overall understanding of his disease and in your healing process.

In addition to going to support groups, participating in couples therapy and learning about sexual addiction, you can also engage in more nonconventional methods of healing such as joining a prayer group or practicing holistic therapy.

Get Help for the Effects of Sex Addiction

There is nothing more uncomfortable or devastating than having to live with someone who has caused you a large amount of grief and pain over sexual addiction. Therefore, getting help in any of the above listed ways can provide you with the clarity you need to overcome this chapter in your life and make a plan for you and your husband’s futures.

Do You Need Help for a Sexual Addict?

If your husband has a sex addiction and you need help dealing with the effect it’s having on your life, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now. Do not feel ashamed by your husband’s actions—call us today to start your healing process.