Resources for Female Sexual Addicts

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Many people believe that sex addiction affects only men, which can lead women with this condition to ignore their problem and avoid the treatment they need. There is also a lingering social stigma attached to female sex addicts, because the associated feelings of shame and embarrassment may likewise prevent them from seeking treatment. However, with help they can overcome their fears and get the help they need.

Characteristics of Female Sex Addicts

Sex addiction develops typically over meeting unmet emotional needs. However, the signs of sex addiction vary considerably between men and women, and women sex addicts often exude the following signs:

  • Preoccupation with thinking about, fantasizing about and engaging in sex
  • Having extra-marital affairs
  • Having multiple sex partners
  • Having many short-term relationships that are primarily about sex
  • Seeking attention from others by dressing provocatively or even engaging in exhibitionism
  • Engaging in risky sexual practices such as avoiding use of condoms
  • Engaging in prostitution

If a woman exudes these signs, then she may be a sex addict.

Causes of Sex Addiction in Women

Many theories explain the root causes of sex addiction in women. For instance, sex addiction is often likened to obsessive compulsive disorder, which is linked to low levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Sexual activity releases these neurotransmitters, so people can get addicted to the rush. People with low levels of these neurotransmitters, and persons with a genetic predisposition to addiction may have an increased risk for developing sex addiction.

Sex addiction in both men and women also has links to childhood sexual abuse. Females are more often the victims of sexual abuse, making them at higher risk than males for sex addiction from this problem. Sex addiction therapist Rob Jackson maintains that females are naturally more relationship oriented than males, and sex addiction can have its roots when a trusted male violates a relationship with a female child. During adulthood the woman will still have an innate need for relationships with males, but is likely to have distorted views of relationships and to seek intimacy through maladaptive means. Jackson also asserts that our society’s blatant sexuality bombards girls with the wrong message about their roles and their inherent worth through sexuality. He considers this social tendency a gateway to sex addiction, especially in females who suffer from attachment or intimacy issues as a result of sexual abuse.

French sex addiction therapist Catherine Blanc considers many cases of women sex addicts to stem from identity confusion, which leads women to have unmet desires that cause a low self-image.

Treating Sex Addiction in Women

Regardless of its causes, sex addiction is best treated through therapy. Individual therapy will help patients identify and address the problems driving the addiction, and it will teach them to respond to emotional issues in productive ways. Gender-specific group therapy allows female sex addicts to see that they are not alone and to gain insight from the experiences of others in safe, supportive and mutually reassuring environments. If you would like help finding treatment for sex addiction, then please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today.