Resources for Female Sex Addicts

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Resources for Female Sex AddictsSex addiction is considered to be a male issue by the general public because nearly every sex-related incident shown by the media involves a male cheating on his spouse or partner, hiring prostitutes or engaging in online sexual relations. Many of these men who are publicly “caught” in a sex-related scandal blame their behaviors on a sex addiction, and while the public is accepting of the concept of sex addiction among men, the idea of female sex addiction is practically unheard of.

Sex addiction is a very real disorder, just as real as a substance addiction. While a male’s sexual promiscuity is “justified” by testosterone, a female exhibiting the same sexual activity as a man is often deemed as trashy or a slut. It seems the public has normalized sexual promiscuity and inappropriate sexual behavior exhibited by men and grown to accept the need to treat sexual addictions. However, there is still a double standard for females with sex-related addictions. Women are far less likely to seek help for a sexual addiction because of the stigma associated with female sexual promiscuity. Shame, guilt and embarrassment prevent women from seeking treatment help, which is why only 8 to 12 percent of persons seeking treatment for sexual addiction are female.

Signs and Symptoms of Female Sex Addiction

The rates of female sex addiction are unknown because so many women are too ashamed or afraid to seek treatment help. Sex addictions in women are mostly interpreted as relationship issues. For women, sex addictions are mostly influenced by childhood abuse, physical neglect, sexual abuse and trauma. Some signs of sex addiction are more evident, such as a woman working as a prostitute or stripper, but some signs of sex addiction may be less evident. Women from all walks of life may struggle with sex and relationship addiction, from housewives to mothers to young women. Common symptoms of female sex addiction include the following:

  • Engaging in compulsive sexual behavior or having little to no control over one’s sexual behavior
  • Risking relationships to continue sexual behaviors and carry out fantasies
  • Avoiding relationships and intimacy to enhance sexual encounters and activity
  • Making and breaking promises to stop reckless sexual behaviors or sexual activity that can harm others and relationships
  • Continuing to engage in harmful sexual behaviors, despite the harm and negative consequences that have taken effect
  • Developing an obsession, including preoccupied thoughts about sexual activity and plans for future sexual encounters
  • Needing to increase the risk or find alternate ways to enhance the sexual experience, such as having to make a sexual encounter more dangerous or enticing than the last, which can involve cheating, having sex with multiple partners or anonymous persons, paying for sex and engaging in violent sex

There are few resources available for females struggling with sex addiction because the issue is not well documented, and women rarely seek treatment. There are resources available to specifically help women struggling with sex addiction; they just may not be as easy to find. Support groups, 12-step groups and residential and outpatient treatment centers can be found, and women interested should seek help from a recovery professional.

Finding Treatment Help for Female Sex Addicts

If you are a female struggling with a sex addiction, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. A recovery professional can find and connect you with the resources you need for recovery. Whether you have questions or are ready to find treatment and recovery services today, we can help.