The Relationship between Gambling and Anti-Depressants

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The Relationship between Gambling and Anti-DepressantsWhen a person’s gambling habits begin to significantly interfere with daily life, he or she is suffering from a gambling problem. When a person is no longer able to control his or her compulsion to gamble, he or she is suffering from a gambling addiction. Those who suffer from a gambling problem or gambling addiction may also struggle with depression. Compulsive gamblers often become depressed due to the stress and anxiety that results from excessive gambling.

When a compulsive gambler uses a mind-altering substance to self-medicate for feelings of depression, he or she is at risk for developing a drug addiction. However, even if a compulsive gambler has a prescription from a doctor for antidepressants, any type of misuse of the medication may soon lead to drug addiction. Anti-depressant abuse and compulsive gambling stimulate the same reward pathways in the brain. Therefore, in the same way that a compulsive gambler is unable to control the urge to gamble, he or she may be unable to control the urge to abuse anti-depressants.

Symptoms of Compulsive Gambling and Anti-Depressant Addiction

Compulsive gamblers continue to gamble even when they are forced to file for bankruptcy. Anti-depressant addiction is similar, causing users to continue to take anti-depressants to the detriment of their physical wellbeing. As is the nature of any addiction, the addicted person continues the addictive behavior despite significant consequences, such as financial destitution, damaged personal relationships, and deteriorating health. People who suffer from compulsive gambling and anti-depressant addiction may recognize the negative consequences of their behavior and wish to overcome their addictions. However, they often feel trapped by their own urges.

Treatment for Compulsive Gambling and Anti-Depressant Addiction

The treatment offered by high quality rehab centers can help those who suffer from a combination of compulsive gambling and antidepressant abuse. With medical care, counseling, and holistic therapy, rehab patients can regain control of their behavior. Throughout treatment, patients develop healthy coping mechanisms that allow them to live a fulfilling life without gambling or taking anti-depressants. After finishing treatment, patients follow a carefully designed aftercare plan that helps prevent relapse.

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