Recognizing the Signs of Sex Addiction

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Recognizing the Signs of Sex AddictionMany people misunderstand sexual addiction. Someone with a high sex drive can be accused of being a sex addict, but the true symptoms of sex addiction go deeper and darker than the healthy enjoyment of sexual activity.

The Signs of Sex Addiction

Recognizing the signs of a sex addiction can be difficult, because it is an addiction that doesn’t always alter the mental state of the addict. However the behaviors that addicts demonstrate can be devastating in the following ways:

  • An unhealthy obsession with sex often means that the addict’s regularly focus on sex and the strong desire to seek out sex. This can lead to trouble at work as tasks are not completed on time, or as the addiction compels the addict to sexually harass others
  • Several sex addicts who are in a relationship are sexually promiscuous or have several affairs. These types of betrayals can quickly destroy a relationship and even put partners at risk for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Excessive use of pornographic materials
  • Compulsive self-stimulation that interferes with personal and professional obligations

Engaging in risky behaviors is a major sign of an addiction. For someone with a sexual addiction this can include some of the following behaviors:

  • Experimenting with sexual behavior that society deems unacceptable like sodomy or seeking child pornography
  • Public displays, or exhibitionism
  • Seeking out prostitutes or engaging in prostitution
  • Sexual harassing others

While not all of those who live with a sexual addiction will take the pathway towards a much more dangerous area, some have been known to engage violent assaults. With the financial, physical, and emotional tolls that a sexual addiction can take on someone’s life, it is important that the addict enters into a sex addiction recovery program.

Sex Addiction Help and Family Counseling

Sex addiction rehab offers a safe environment for addicts to receive treatment that works. Sex addiction rehab can help to transform the life of an addict in a neutral environment that will allow patients to examine their risky behaviors. Most sex addicts admit to feeling little to no emotional connection with their sexual partners. While this may be of little comfort to partners who have been cheated on, this is an opportunity for everyone to examine what led to the addiction and also work together to find a workable solution for the future.

Get Help to End Sex Addiction

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