Reasons Women Struggle with Sex Addiction

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Reasons Women Struggle with Sex AddictionMany people mistakenly believe that sex addiction only affects men, but many women struggle with sex addiction, despite the following cultural beliefs:

  • Women only become addicted to relationships or intimacy
  • It would be obvious if a woman was addicted to sex
  • Women become addicted to sex for the same reasons men do

All of these statements are false. Many women suffer from sex addiction, especially as a result of a psychological disorder, such as depression, compulsive behaviors, eating disorders, substance abuse or self-injury. Additionally, women may come to see sex as a way to comfort themselves during times of pain, which may eventually compel them to seek sex the same way opiate addicts seek drugs. Lastly, while women may be skilled at masking a sex addiction, they can be found out as the consequences they face become severe and constant. Unfortunately, because culture tends to expect men to struggle with sex addiction, a sex-addicted woman may face a much harsher reaction from her friends and family. For all of these reasons, she needs professional help to begin recovery and rethink her sexual relationships.

Causes of Sex Addiction in Women

The following issues are some of the most common causes of sex addiction in women:

  • Sexual abuse as a child or adolescent
  • Parental neglect (especially by fathers)
  • Exposure to sexually explicit materials as a child
  • Hyper-sexualized clothing, make-up and fashion at a young age
  • A family history of impulsive or compulsive behaviors (gambling, shopping, eating and etc.)

Some women have no obvious cause for their addictions, but they may exhibit other addictive behaviors or habits. Most sex experts believe that women sex addicts desire comfort, attention and relationships more than sex, so people must learn how to recognize sex addiction to know someone needs help.

Symptoms of Sex Addiction in Women

The following symptoms are common for female sex addicts:

  • Inability to stop certain sexual behaviors, even after repeated attempts to do so
  • Compulsive sexual behavior despite negative consequences
  • Obsessing over finding or planning sex

Some female sex addicts regularly sleep with strangers, which triggers self-loathing, anxiety and depression. These sex addicts may then turn to some kind of comfort, like substance abuse or other compulsive behaviors, to medicate their disappointment and shame. The solution is that people need professional help to ensure that they recover and stay healthy for the long term.

Treatment for Women Sex Addicts

While each woman has unique reasons for becoming a sex addict, treatment is often the same for all addicts, as it offers the following techniques:

  • Individual counseling, including Dialectical and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Same-sex support group meetings
  • Opportunities to learn about the causes and effects of sex addiction
  • Learning healthy ways to cope with pain
  • Preparation for life after rehab
  • Marriage and family counseling when appropriate

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