Outpatient Sex Addiction Rehab

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Outpatient Sex Addiction RehabAre you a sex addict? The answer to that question might be very difficult to admit. Because you might enjoy sex or are open to exploring different aspects of your sexuality doesn’t make you an addict. In fact, a healthy sex life between two consenting adults can include many new sensations and experiences. As long as you are exploring together with open lines of communication, there shouldn’t be any complications. However, it’s when sex and thoughts about sex take over your life that you’ve crossed over into becoming addicted.

Determine if You Need Sex Addiction Rehab

There are some qualifying questions about a sexual addiction that you can ask yourself such as:

  • Is your sexual stimulation tied to activities you need to keep secret or that are illegal?
  • Are your sexual encounters based on acting out anger or trying to dominate your partner?
  • Has your partner become increasingly distant within your intimate encounters because of your sexual appetites?
  • Do you often feel shame after engaging in sexual encounters?
  • Are you spending too much time surfing the Internet for porn or looking for opportunities to have sex?

Exploring the answers to these questions could reveal some hidden truths about your sexual addiction. Although you might feel shame with some of your actions, there should be no shame in asking for help.

Benefits of Outpatient Sex Addiction Rehab

As an outpatient at a rehabilitation center, you can utilize all the benefits of a complete recovery program without the need for an extended stay. This is a viable option for individuals who need to deal with the responsibilities of a job or family. An outpatient program is designed around your schedule to make sure you can get the maximum benefits from treatment without an interruption of your daily life.

Privacy is also an issue that is maintained through an outpatient treatment program. You won’t have to explain why you are “going away” like you might with an inpatient stay. As an outpatient, you’ll be accessing all the resources that are available through an accredited rehabilitation center. For some patients, this type of care also proves to be more cost-effective.

What to Expect with Outpatient Sex Addiction Treatment

To begin any effective treatment program, you will first need to be given an exam to assess the level of your addiction. This exam might take place over one or two sessions and be conducted by a certified sex therapist. Along with a complete review of your physical well-being, you’ll be asked probing questions about your sexual history. This doesn’t necessarily mean relating every encounter. Instead the goal is to get a complete portrait of your emotional and physical needs with regard to sex and intimacy. Part of this assessment will also include a review of any past incidence of illegal activity or substance abuse. This is not the time to keep secrets. To develop the best sex addiction treatment program, everything needs to be on the table.

Once the assessment is completed, you’ll be guided towards the best therapy options to help you manage your recovery. The therapy work you’ll be delving into can include an exploration of any childhood trauma that might be a link to your addiction. You’ll also begin the work of management control with regard to your sexual impulses. It’s important to learn the distinction between a healthy sex life versus an obsessive sex life.

You can find out more about an outpatient sex addiction rehab program near you by calling the toll-free number on this page. You’re new life can begin today.