Military Sexual Trauma and Addiction

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Military Sexual Trauma and AddictionMilitary sexual trauma is becoming a common issue among members of the military, as more and more cases of sexual abuse, harassment and assault are being reported annually. As sexual trauma continues to happen in the military, more and more soldiers return home with the stress not only from combat, but also from sexual trauma. The problem with this issue is that it encourages people to cope in various ways, including through drug abuse. If you endured sexual abuse in the military and you abuse drugs to deal with the pain, then seek professional help that can address both of these problems at the same time.

How Military Sexual Trauma Can Lead to Addiction

There is no gender bias about sexual assault, as it can happen to both males and females in the military, and both males and females can initiate the attack. When sexual trauma occurs, it can cause serious psychological effects that promote drug abuse, including the following problems:

  • Sleep problems – After experiencing one or more sexually traumatic experiences, soldiers may find it difficult to fall and/or stay asleep. This often occurs as a result of being unable to calm nervous thoughts, so in response people may begin excessively using depressants such as alcohol or painkillers to help them sleep.
  • Inattention – Since a victim’s mind is often scarred after experiencing a traumatic event, it can be increasingly complicated for him to focus on a particular task, and he may have difficulties with his memory. The stress of inattention can compel stimulant abuse, such as with Adderall or cocaine, both of which improve people’s attention.
  • Emotional reactions – Many survivors of military sexual trauma experience severe mood swings and emotional reactions. This means that they can go from elated to deeply depressed within a matter of minutes. To combat these ever-changing emotions, patients may abuse drugs and/or alcohol either to maintain an elevated mood up or to numb emotions during bouts of depression.

Military personnel who survive sexual trauma are highly likely to abuse drugs as a result of sexual trauma, such as sleeping problems, inattentiveness and severe mood swings, but you can learn to cope with your problems if you seek professional treatment.

How to Deal with Military Sexual Trauma and Drug Abuse

Once people in the military endure sexual trauma, then they need professional help to learn how to cope with the many side effects of abuse. In addition to seeking professional help, people can also practice positive coping skills, such as exercising, eating well, getting enough rest, recognizing the situations that trigger drug cravings, developing a new interest or hobby and/or staying connected to a support group. In other words, you can recover if you seek the kind of treatment that will address both your sexual assault and your resulting drug abuse.

Help Overcoming Military Sexual Trauma and Drug Addiction

If you endured sexual assault in the military and abuse drugs as a result, then call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get connected to professional treatment. Do not wait to get help, because our admissions coordinators offer confidential advice that is free of charge.