Isolation and Sexual Addiction

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Isolation and Sexual AddictionAddiction thrives when a person feels shame, guilt or anxiety. Sexual addiction can lead to an overwhelming sense of shame, which can result in individuals having a strong desire to isolate themselves from friends and loved ones. Sex addicts often isolate themselves from friends, family members and concerned co-workers by withdrawing emotionally. While many people view sex as an intimate, shared experience, sex addiction is more about using sex or pornography to numb emotions or anxiety. Addicts may find themselves withdrawing into a shell of shame and depression. In order to break away from sex addiction and shame, it is essential that addicts receive the right type of help for sex addiction.


Those living with sexual addiction often have a challenging time making a true emotional connection with those around them. This makes it easier to engage in compulsive sexual behaviors, but it also results in isolation that can lead to feeling lonely, depressed and even suicidal.

As with many types of addiction, sex addicts withdraw from family and friends. Addicts may no longer enjoy spending time doing activities that they once enjoyed. Marriages often fall apart as a result of sex addiction. Sex addicts may also make excuses to avoid spending time with loved ones and friends. Of course, this isolation also makes it easier to engage in compulsive behaviors stemming from the sexual addiction.

Once the sexual addiction has progressed to extreme levels, addicts may spend the majority of their time alone. Sex addiction and shame are so deeply connected that addicts may believe that everyone around them can virtually see their shame. In other situations, fulfilling sexual compulsions prevents addicts from creating meaningful relationships or interactions. Addicts may also feel that they are not worthy of spending time with normal and well-adjusted individuals.

Without something to break the cycle, such as proper sex addiction rehab, addicts are likely to face continued shame, continued isolation and worsening addiction. Engaging in dangerous sexual behavior and neglecting responsibilities, such as going to work or even paying the bills, can quickly lead to a serious situation.

Help for Sex Addiction

To completely recover from the sex addiction and shame that is overwhelming your world, consider making a confidential call to learn more about qualified, licensed sex addiction treatment programs. Not all treatment programs are equal, so it is vital that you find the one that can offer you customized sex addiction treatment that will lead you to a life free from addiction. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to discuss your addiction with one of our counselors.