Is My Preoccupation with Sex a Sex Addiction?

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Is My Preoccupation with Sex a Sex Addiction?While sexual preoccupation is a sign of a sexual addiction, it is important for you to look at yourself closely to see if you should seek help. When it comes to preoccupation, you need to determine whether you are simply expressing a natural interest in sex or if you are consumed with thoughts of sexual fantasies. For both men and women, having a sex drive is not only normal, but healthy; however, the focus is on what would be considered conventional, consensual sex with another human being. If this drive does not interfere with their ability to work, go to school, assume other responsibilities, maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, and manage your life, than this level of preoccupation may not be of concern.

Signs of Sex Addiction

However, if your preoccupation with sex deals with inappropriate or harmful sexual fantasies, and this preoccupation compels you to express these fantasies, then you might be headed towards sexual addiction. Additional signs of sex addiction include the following behaviors:

  • Devoting a significant amount of time pursuing sexual thoughts and activities; making sex a central focus of your life.
  • Increased awareness of sexually-oriented things, such as adult bookstores or strip bars.
  • Increased discussion, focus, and requests for sex.
  • Due to excessive preoccupation with sex, a sex addict becomes distant or withdrawn from friends, family and colleagues. Whether they are feeling guilt or fear of getting caught, sex addicts feel distracted from being mentally available.
  • Mood swings that almost appear manic depressive in nature. When the guilt or shame has set in, sex addicts become depressed. However, when they are in the process of seeking out fulfillment of their sexual fantasy, they become excited.
  • Loss of interest in work, former activities, hobbies, and even relationships.

Another clear sign of sex addiction is how someone responds to your inquiries about her sexual thought processes. Some sex addicts become enraged when you question their preoccupation with sex, will put up many defenses to diffuse your questions, or may display angry behaviors.

Treatment for Sex Addiction

There are inpatient, outpatient, and support group treatment models for people who suffer with sex addiction. The goal for sex addicts is not to remain abstinent, but rather to terminate compulsive, unhealthy sexual behavior. When seeking sex addiction treatment, be sure that the program does the following:

  • Focuses an appropriate percentage of time in therapy dealing with sex addiction
  • Is staffed by professionals trained in sex addiction
  • Offers individual and couples counseling
  • Provides education and sex addiction
  • Offers family counseling to assist developing a supportive relationship between the family members and the addict

Help for Sex Addiction

There is a strong relationship between sex addiction and alcoholism or drug addiction. When it comes to co-occurring disorders, you have at least two reasons to explore treatment options immediately. We can help you break the ties by helping you find an integrated treatment program that is right for you. Please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about integrated treatment. We are here to help.