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Sex Addiction Intervention HelpThe fundamental nature of an addiction is when a person has lost their ability to control their urges. Coupled with that weakness are emotional problems of overwhelming feelings of shame, low self-esteem and depression. This applies to addictions with food, drugs, alcohol and sex. In the mind of an addict, they are suffering alone. What they don’t realize until it is often too late is that their actions can lead to tragic results for everyone within their social circle. In the realm of a sex addict, they could also develop a dependency on drugs or alcohol as another way to mask their pain.

Often loved ones feels as though they are relegated to watch from the sidelines as the person they care about slips further and further away into their addiction. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are some very effective recovery programs that can be utilized by a sex addict and their families to help regain a sense of normalcy once again.

Recognizing the Signs of a Sex Addict

In order for you to seek out the recovery help you might need, it is important to recognize the signs of a sexual addiction. A sex addict often turns to physical gratification as a fast way to alleviate stress or anxiety. Sex addicts might refer to their sex sessions as a great stress reducer. That has less to do with creating a sense of intimacy than it does with just acting out on an impulse.

Other signs of a sexual addiction could include:

  • Engaging in sexual activity with many partners as either one night stands or anonymous hook-ups.
  • Spending time preoccupied with sexually related material such as online pornography.
  • Unable to develop a long-term romantic relationship.
  • No sense of emotional fulfillment from sexual activity.
  • Making high-risk sexual choices such as having unprotected sex with strangers or prostitutes.

Consequences of Sex Addiction

Depending on the circumstances, a sexual addiction can have a devastating impact on marriages and relationships in general. The overriding sense of hopelessness and despair can lead an addict to withdraw further into themselves even as they seek out more and more sexual partners. The addict could fall into a deep depression which can often manifest itself in suicidal thoughts. There is also the risk of becoming infected with HIV, herpes or other STDs. These infections can be passed onto an innocent spouse.

From a legal standpoint, a sex addict who is engaging in high-risk behavior runs the chance of getting arrested, charged and convicted as a sex offender. This then becomes a matter of public safety as the offender will be required to register as a sex offender.

How an Intervention Can Help a Sex Addict

Because the foundation of a sexual addiction disorder is similar to other addictions, the same types of effective therapy programs can be adapted for a sex addict. Instead of a traditional group intervention, it might be more productive to have a conversation with the person you suspect of having a sexual addiction program along with a trained therapist. This can be the first step on the road to recovery. By calling the toll-free number on this page, you’ll be given guidance towards the best treatment programs available for sex addicts. We can also help you find an interventionist in your area who can help you stage an intervention if you feel that’s the best route.