How to Control Your Sex Addiction

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How to Control Your Sex AddictionAccording to the Society for Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH), there are about 14 million Americans who are sexual addicts. They meet the following criteria:

  • Frequently do or fantasize sexual acts that they don’t like.
  • Sexual behavior has become unstoppable despite serious consequences.
  • Sexual behavior and thoughts have become vastly more important than their relationships, family, work, finances, and health.

These measurements may appear vague, but there is no one diagnostic tool that determines whether a person has a sex addiction. However, if you think you have a sex addiction, you may want to get help now.

Counseling and Sex Addiction

Counseling has helped many people control their sex addictions. A trained sex addiction counselor understands the following aspects:

  • Sexual energy is powerful and demands expression.
  • Analyzing your thoughts and feelings associated with sex will provide insights into how to control your sex addiction.
  • Sex should not be trivialized; rather, sex should be explored in regards to its relationship to addiction.
  • It is a thin line that separates the emotions associated with “normal” sexual desires and those of a sex addict.
  • Unlike other addictions, a sex addict cannot discontinue the act of sex. While a drug addict can learn to stop taking the drug, or an alcoholic can get counseling to learn how to choose not to drink, a sex addict cannot completely discontinue having sex.
  • A sex addict has a range of other emotions, such as guilt, shame, anger, and frustration that they must resolve along with their need to control their sex addiction.
  • A sex addict needs to learn how to evaluate sexual situations and to make appropriate sexual decisions.
  • Repression of the sex addiction causes people to “stuff” their underlying emotions. When that happens, a person is prone to self-medicate to relieve these negative emotions. In these situations, sex addicts are at risk to adding drugs or alcohol to their lives.

Treatment for Sex Addiction

One of the best things a sex addict can do is seek professional help. Inpatient or residential treatment protects addicts from the specific situations or people that trigger compulsive sexual activity. In this treatment setting, you can take the time to develop trust in your counsellor who wants to work with you to deal with the emotional harm associated with this addiction.

Sex Addiction Help

Learning to control your sex addiction may often lead to frustration, depression, or anxiety. People who are struggling with those emotions often turn towards drugs to relieve these emotional symptoms. Unfortunately, drug abuse and sex addiction create a co-occurring disorder. We can help you break the ties by helping you find an integrated treatment program that is right for you. Please call our toll free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about integrated treatment. We are here to help.