How Education Can Prevent Sex Addiction

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How Education Can Prevent Sex AddictionSex addiction is a powerful compulsion that families, friends and especially addicts often misunderstand. However, the right information about healthy sexual behavior can prevent many of the unwanted behaviors associated with sex addiction. In short, the more you know about this debilitating condition, the more prepared you may be to prevent it.

Sex Addiction and Intimacy

According to sex research groups like the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH), sex addicts commonly engage in multiple, meaningless sex acts to feel immediate pleasure without the intimacy of a relationship. Many addicts connect their addiction with trauma, such as the emotional strife of being abandoned during childhood. Learning more about the factors behind sex addiction can teach people how to build fulfilling relationships and avoid poor choices.

Unfortunately, sex addiction can take many forms, but people who are addicted to sex will engage in behaviors even though they are risky or dangerous. This means that concerned loved ones can see if someone struggles with a problem, even though her habits may look different than the loved ones expect. According to SASH, signs of a sex addiction include the following behaviors:

  • Excessive masturbation
  • Numerous affairs
  • Viewing high amounts of pornography
  • Cyber and phone sex
  • Multiple anonymous partners
  • Partner sexualization, objectification
  • Visiting strip clubs and adult bookstores
  • Sexual aversion
  • Prostitution

If you know of someone who engages in many of these behaviors, then you should consider the likelihood that she struggles with sex addiction.

Healthy Sexual Behavior

While some cultures consider certain sex acts taboo, the World Health Organization defines healthy sex through considering emotional and physical factors. Healthy sexual behavior, whether practiced alone or with others, includes respect and openness. Furthermore, individuals who engage in healthy sex will ensure that their partners have the following benefits:

  • Respectful interaction
  • Interaction free from coercion, threats or harm
  • Safety, both emotional and physical
  • Positive feelings free of guilt or shame

Someone who engages in these acts has healthy sexual behavior.

Treating Sex Addiction

It may be difficult for people with a sex addiction to see the harm in their behaviors. For instance, they may ignore the consequences of their actions, such as impaired relationships or sexually transmitted diseases, until their actions cripple their health or day-to-day life. However, once someone admits that he has a problem, he can seek one of the many treatment options for sex addiction, especially the following ideas:

  • A commitment to change
  • Relinquishing the need to control compulsions
  • Learning from recovering sexual addicts
  • Professional talk therapy and 12-step support groups

If you seek treatment for your sex addiction, you can recover.

Help Finding Sex Addiction Treatment

Sex addiction is a treatable condition that can improve with therapy. Don’t wait to seek help; call our toll-free helpline today to discover treatment options. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to give family members, friends and addicts the information needed to get well, so please call now.