How Does Narcissism Relate to Sex Addiction?

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How Does Narcissism Relate to Sex Addiction?Narcissism is a personality disorder characterized by an obsession with power, beauty and fame, and it causes self-centered behaviors, unrealistic pursuits of glory and demands for adoration. Furthermore, it may create any of the following symptoms:

  • Exaggerating experiences, triumphs and success
  • Exploiting others to achieve personal gain
  • Preoccupation with looks, style and recognition
  • An inability to empathize with other people
  • Wild mood swings when confronted with criticism
  • Bitter envy of other people’s accomplishments

These problems encourage addictive tendencies toward any pleasurable behavior, which can create sex addiction.

Symptoms of Sex Addiction

Contrary to the stigma of addiction, sex addicts do not avoid responsibility for deviant behavior by abusing this act. A real sex addict suffers a neurobiological disease that causes constant cravings, because the brain fails to communicate satisfaction to the body. Addiction to something like sex is called a behavioral or process addiction. Sex addiction has several of the following warning signs:

  • Compulsive obsession with seeking out sexual experiences
  • Indulging in inappropriate acts and behaviors
  • Anxiety, stress and agitation when unable to secure a partner
  • Sexual preoccupation puts finances, relationships and work at risk
  • Lack of concern about engaging in sexual risks

The Advancement of Sexual Health website estimates that 9 million people might suffer from sex addiction.

Narcissism and Sex Addiction

Both conditions are behavioral, and they relate to each other in any of the following ways:

  • Narcissists try to validate their self-importance through sexual conquest
  • Sex feeds a narcissist’s lust for acceptance and accomplishment
  • Both sex addicts and narcissists are unconcerned with their partners’ feelings
  • Sexual acts can be an attempt to self-medicate emotional lows

Society often has unhealthy views on sex, such as judging a man’s stature by his number of sexual partners, which can drive a narcissist to pursue an ever-higher count. Likewise, a female sex addict might be obsessed with certain types of males — powerful, famous or younger — to feed narcissistic needs.

Treatment for Narcissism and Sex Addiction

Many sex addicts and narcissists commonly struggle with substance abuse. In any case, the most effective treatment addresses all disorders simultaneously. This type of care utilizes a variety of resources, including the following methods:

  • Personalized plans to treat various conditions
  • Mental health screenings to identify other disorders or mood issues
  • Group therapy to address self-centered behaviors and to enable empathy
  • Behavioral therapies to redirect how patients process their thoughts and emotions
  • Possible pharmacological therapies if no addiction is present
  • Recovery tools to recognize and resist unhealthy behavioral triggers
  • Holistic therapies to address anxieties, insecurities and compulsive behaviors
  • Explore root causes behind the personality disorder and addiction
  • Medically supervised detox for drug abuse

Long-term treatment is the most effective way to manage personality disorders like narcissism. Professional treatment will lay the foundation for recovery, but ongoing aftercare makes recovery last.

Addiction and Personality Disorder Help

Sex addiction, narcissism and substance abuse all benefit from professional help. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to discuss treatment options, warning signs and ways to help a loved one. Health insurance companies often cover these treatments, and we can check policies for benefits. Call us now for instant help.