How Do You Know When You Have a Sex Addiction?

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How Do You Know When You Have a Sex Addiction?It can be difficult to determine if you have an addiction to anything: drugs, alcohol, and especially gambling and sex. Sexual addiction is not as frequently discussed as other forms of addiction. Many people are uncomfortable and embarrassed by discussing sex and sexual issues openly, relegating sex addiction and education to an almost taboo topic. This social stigma can greatly impact a sex addict’s recovery.

Signs of Sexual Addiction

The following are signs of a potential sex addiction:

  • Level of importance: When sexual behaviors and urges begin to take a higher precedent that other things in your life, this may be a sign of addiction.
  • Sexual acts: This is can be more difficult to pinpoint as many kinds of normal sexual acts can be cause for concern when performed compulsively. Habitually masturbating, watching pornographic videos or viewing pornographic photos, use of prostitutes, phone sex, or cybersex are potential signs of addiction if the behaviors disrupt daily life.
  • Having multiple partners/cheating: Having multiple sexual partners or having difficulty remaining faithful to a significant other due to unfulfilled sexual desire remains one of the most prominent signs of sex addiction.
  • Compulsive thoughts: If you are struggling with compulsive thoughts about sexual acts and behaviors on a moment-to-moment basis and feel like you cannot stop thinking about it until you take sexual action is evidence of an addiction.

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to work your way through your sexual addiction is to not be ashamed of your behaviors, but to put your energy towards getting healthy.

Do You Have a Sexual Addiction?

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