How Can Abuse Lead to Sex Addiction?

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How Can Abuse Lead to Sex Addiction?All forms of abuse are traumatic. Physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse can cause deep emotional hurt for victims, and how people cope with this hurt varies. It is not uncommon for victims of abuse to later develop problems involving addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, food or sex. Dealing with physical and emotional trauma can cause people to look for escape and comfort through any means.
Sex addiction is more than a physical need to engage in sexual activity and behavior. It is a psychological condition that causes individuals to think, feel and act in a certain compulsive way. Anyone may wonder why an individual that has suffered abuse would turn down the path of abuse or addiction themselves, but there are many reasons why abuse often triggers sex and other addictions.

Reasons Why Abuse Triggers Sexual and Other Addictions

Not everyone who suffers from abuse becomes addicted, but it is a common result of personal trauma. Factors that cause the development of sex and other addictions in those who have experienced abuse include the following:

  • Sex or drug use can help the individual temporarily block out pain from abuse or control distressing symptoms and reminders such as flashbacks, nightmares and anxiety.
  • Victims of abuse are often attracted to high risk activities to feel a rush, or arousal. Feelings of high intensity can be confused with real pleasure and happiness.
  • Having “control” during sexual activity can act as a form of protection for those who don’t have complete control over their memories, their present circumstances or their emotions.
  • Victims of abuse may be seeking a dominant or powerful position in attempt to heal. This can cause aggressive behavior and addiction.
  • Some victims of abuse have only witnessed unhealthy relationships or behaviors and do not realize that healthy intimate relationships are a possibility.
  • Victims of abuse may feel inadequate or not good enough to be in a real, emotion-filled relationship.
  • Individuals may cope with their pain by retreating to a fantasy world. Unhealthy sexual behaviors can seem like an escape from an unsafe reality.
  • Sexual addiction can be a way to release and express anger or make others the victims of pain instead of you.

Find Help Abuse Victims Who Are Dealing with Sex Addiction

Victims of trauma and abuse may feel unable to find healing, resolution and recovery. If you are one of these individuals, do not lose hope. You can find a healthy and fulfilling lie, and we can help. Our counselors are ready to talk 24 hours a day and can answer any questions you may have in regards to co-occurring disorders, treatment and recovery. Addiction is not something that will just go away and neither will the emotional scars caused by abuse, because they run too deep. Let us help you find the quality treatment you have been waiting for. Reach out for help, and call us today.