Grief and Sex Addiction

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Grief and Sex AddictionSexual addiction recovery, like other addiction recovery, can involve several stages of grief. The person who is in recovery for sexual addiction will experience these stages in different ways and for different lengths of time. People are unique in their experiences, so sexual addiction recovery will not look the same for every person. Grief occurs during addiction recovery due to the drastic changes in lifestyle for the person who is addicted. Although these changes are necessary and good, the person experiencing the changes may be overwhelmed by the sense of loss these changes bring about.

Loss of the Addiction

No matter how much pain or loss a person’s sexual addiction has caused, he or she will still miss the behavior to some degree during addiction recovery. Addiction treatment involves replacing the inappropriate behavior with new ways to relax or experience intense feelings. Grief comes due to the loss of the addict’s coping mechanism as he now has to face his fears, challenges and emotional difficulties without turning to the addictive behavior.

Relationships and Sex Addiction

Every addiction, including sexual addiction, involves the addict’s relationships with others. The drug addict finds friends to share his or her experiences with. The alcoholic may have people he drinks with regularly. The sex addict may have regular sexual partners or people who are in a sex industry that he has relationships with. Ending an addiction means ending the relationships that contributed to that addiction. Contact with the people who contributed to an addict’s behavior will only make recovery more difficult and can result in relapse. Grieving over the loss of relationships is a part of letting go of the people who were a negative influence and replacing them with new friends and people to love. Grief may also come from the loss of the good relationships in your life. Addiction can lead to divorce, the loss of family, and the loss of co-workers when a career ends. Grief over the loss of those you love because of the addiction can be a big part of the grieving process.

Loss of Freedom in Addiction Recovery

A person recovering from a sexual addiction may also grieve over lost freedom. Recovery involves accountability to and responsibility for others. That means the freedom to act on impulses and engage in the addictive behavior is gone. Realizing that your behavior affects everyone you are close to is a hard thing to come to grips with. Even though your behavior has caused suffering and losses for those you love, grieving over the loss of freedom is a normal and natural part of the recovery process.

Finding Help for Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction recovery can bring about periods of grief. Dealing with the grief in positive ways is a part of the recovery process. If you or a loved one suffers from a sexual addiction, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free number 24 hours a day to speak to a helpline counselor. We are ready to answer your questions about addiction and help you find treatment options that are available to you.