Gay Men and Sex Addiction

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Gay Men and Sex AddictionAddiction may conjure images of alcoholism and drug abuse, but sexual addiction is a “process addiction.” This means that a gay man who struggles with sex addiction struggles with compulsive behavior. A large number of gay men struggle with their identities, because bullying often starts at a young age and they also suffer a range of other issues that they cannot cope with. Treating a sex addiction goes further than breaking patterns that contribute to the sexual addiction; it involves understanding the underlying psychological compulsions and creating a cure that is long lasting.

How Sexual Addiction Works

To recover from sex addiction, addicts must learn more about the addiction itself. This type of compulsive behavior does not involve drugs or alcohol, but it can often be overshadowed by substance abuse. This is an unfortunate situation for any man who is trying to turn his life around from sex addiction. Getting help for a drug addiction is one thing, but ignoring a sexual addiction will continue this destructive behavior. This addiction chemically changes the brain to crave this behavior. This means that addressing sex addiction requires more than willpower. Someone who is quitting sex addiction needs biological and chemical changes to occur within their brains.

The addictive process is somewhat complex and can fluctuate according to unique factors. This may include emotional turmoil and confusion that can accompany men who are forming a gay identity.

Shame Associated with Sex Addiction

One factor that keeps sex addicts from seeking help often relates to sexuality. Sex addiction brings a fair amount of shame and self-loathing, but the confusion and turmoil that can accompany a fledgling sexual identity can cause considerable concern. However, the right sex addiction treatment program will make addicts feel at ease through the recovery process. An LGBT rehab center will surround you with those who comprehend what you are going through, both as a gay man and a sex addict. They will not judge you, so you can get the treatment that you need without the fear of shame or judgment.

Sex Addiction Treatment for Gay Men

Finding the right LGBT rehab center can help you through your compulsive sexual addiction. This is especially possible when you call our sex addiction helpline. Our counselors are compassionate and knowledgeable; they can provide information that can lead you to the right rehab center for your unique needs. Your sexual addiction does not have to control your life. Going through a treatment program at a will help you learn the best methods to regain control over your life.