Five Potential Sex Addiction Relapse Triggers

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Five Potential Sex Addiction Relapse TriggersMost people label sex addiction and drug addiction as two distinct subsets under the general umbrella of addiction. However the two are more similar than it would appear at first. The reason that human beings find sex so pleasurable and that some find it addictive is that any pleasure-producing activity such as intercourse releases the hormone dopamine in the brain. This hormone keeps the participant craving more. The individual in question wants to continue doing what makes him or her feel good. However addiction requires escalating behavior, and the same partner or the same acts will no longer raise the old excitement, and the individual is left feeling dissatisfied and in need of a greater dopamine boost. With the introduction of a new partner dopamine levels flare up again, and the addict is once again getting the good feeling he or she craves. This explains why sex addicts move from partner to partner with sometimes astonishing speed.

Triggers for Sex Addiction Relapse

Once the addict has taken the brave step of admitting that he or she has an addiction and has entered treatment, recovery has begun. However recovery does not end with rehab or therapy. There are many stumbling blocks that can send an individual back into a habit of compulsive, harmful sex. The following are five examples of potential relapse triggers:

  • Being in an environment with physically attractive people or individuals who are dressed provocatively
  • Viewing pornographic images in an attempt to regain a sex high without actually having sex
  • Feeling sexual arousal due to external stimuli and trying to suppress it rather than discussing it with a therapist or accountability partner
  • Neglecting to take care of other physical needs such as food, rest and friendly companionship, as this can make the absence of intercourse seem more unbearable
  • Dwelling on the idea of sex or on past pleasurable experiences

Recognizing these potential triggers should make the recovering addict more careful about where he or she goes and what he or she focuses on. Patience, refusal to be discouraged and commitment to a treatment plan are the ways to move forward in sex addiction recovery.

How to Find Recovery Help for Sex Addiction

Do you or your loved one suffer from sex addiction or fear that satisfaction will never again be a part of life? If so please call our toll-free helpline for information on effective, caring and personalized treatment that can pull you out of the pit of addiction. We are available 24 hours a day and would love to talk with you. Call us today.