How to Find a Professional Interventionist for a Mental Health Situation

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How to Find a Professional Interventionist for a Mental Health SituationAddiction is often complicated by mental health issues. Mental health issues like depression, bi-polar disorder, and paranoid schizophrenia can cause or contribute to substance abuse. Finding an interventionist who specializes in treatment for both addiction and mental health issues can help you get your loved one into a program that best meets his or her needs.

Professional Interventionists

Professional interventionists are trained in the art of helping family members and other loved ones communicate with their addicted loved one. When a family enlists the help of an interventionist, the interventionist works with the members of the intervention team to understand how to help their loved one see that he or she needs treatment. Interventionists help the team leader decide when and where the intervention should take place and work with the members of the team to rehearse what they will say to their addicted loved one. An interventionist can also help a family find the right kind of treatment for their addicted loved one and make the arrangements necessary for admission to a program. Working with a professional interventionist takes all the guesswork out of reaching out to your addicted loved one.

Intervention for Mental Illness and Addiction

Understanding how mental illness impacts substance abuse is an important part of any intervention process. Working with an interventionist who specializes in dealing with those who suffer from mental illness is important. The Association of Intervention Specialists, as well as the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionists, can help you locate a trained interventionist who specializes in mental illness. Interventionists listed with these organizations have met educational and performance standards for their discipline and can bring a myriad of solutions and options to help you solve very complex situations. You can also call our toll-free number to get more information about finding the right kind of interventionist for your unique situation. Dual Diagnosis treatment facilities offer diagnosis and treatment for both mental illness and addiction, and a professional interventionist can help you find this kind of program for your loved one.

Finding Help for Addiction and Mental Illness

Mental illness can cause or contribute to substance abuse and addiction. If you or a loved one struggle with addiction and you think there may be a mental illness present, we are here to help you. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction and help you find treatment. Call our toll-free number now.