How do I Find a Nine-to-Five Job after Rehab?

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How do I Find a Nine-to-Five Job after Rehab?One of the most common problems people face when they consider attending rehab is finding a job once treatment ends. In fact, some people who desperately need to recover from drug abuse may even avoid rehab because they fear losing their job and becoming unemployed. However, the truth is that someone’s employability skyrockets once her addiction ends. The psychological power of addiction causes many addicts to fixate on the risks of recovery rather than the rewards, but rehab will benefit you professionally if you seek it.

How Addiction Recovery Enhances Employability

Most employers understand that a clean and sober worker offers the following benefits over an addict:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved reliability and attendance
  • Decreased risk for on-the-job injury
  • Improved workplace harmony and attitude

Due to these benefits, many companies allow their employees to return to work after completing addiction treatment. Further due to these benefits, many insurance programs even cover certain rehab expenses. Simply put, recovery is good for business, and smart business owners know that. If your employer forbids the time you need to get sober (which may be illegal, depending on your local and state laws), find comfort knowing that, once you finish treatment, you will be far more employable by someone else than you currently are.

Job Finding Services for Recovering Addicts

Numerous resources help recovering addicts find employment after treatment. First, many recovered addicts will give new rehab graduates a job at their companies. Second, many treatment programs offer job placement counseling as well as career guidance services during aftercare. Everyone understands that employment is critical and that the stress from seeking a job can trigger relapse. In response to this knowledge, many programs help addicts get jobs once treatment ends.

Overcoming Treatment Concerns

It is normal, and even wise, to be concerned about finding a job once treatment ends, but many people use this concern as an excuse to avoid rehab. When considering whether or not to attend treatment, consider the following truths:

  • Continued substance abuse is likely to cost you your job
  • Addiction limits your potential to thrive, grow and advance professionally
  • The cost of ongoing drug abuse is much greater than the cost of treatment
  • You will be far more employable once you are sober
  • No job is worth the risk of disease, overdose or death from addiction

The psychological power of addiction causes many addicts to cite work as an excuse to avoid help, but you can you afford treatment; what you cannot afford is to avoid it.

Help Finding Jobs after Rehab

Our toll-free helpline is open 24 hours a day to get recovering addicts into the treatment and jobs they need to stay clean. Our admissions coordinators can answer your questions about life after rehab, including issues about employment. Their help is confidential and there are no strings attached, so call now to reclaim your life.