Engaging in Non-Compulsive Sexual Behaviors

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Engaging in Non-Compulsive Sexual BehaviorsAddiction to sexual behaviors often stems from an underlying psychological issue(s). It is often considered an intimacy disorder that arises from unmet emotional needs. Recovering sex addicts must first address these needs, and then learn to engage in sexual activities in healthy ways.

Challenges of Recovering from Sex Addiction

Recovery from sex addiction presents special challenges that drug addicts do not face. 100% abstinence from drugs is recommended for recovering drug addicts, and even those recovering from behaviors such as gambling are advised to abstain completely from situations that promote unhealthy behaviors. However, sex addicts are people addicted to an unhealthy pursuit of behavior that is otherwise considered normal and healthy. Some people choose sexual abstinence, but others want a relationship that involves sex. The challenge for recovering sex addicts is to learn to engage in a sexual relationship without relapsing into unhealthy or even dangerous behaviors.

Sexuality after Sex Addiction Recovery

Sex addiction typically involves treating others as objects for sexual gratification. This is a common aspect of many behaviors that suggest sex addiction, from habitual use of pornography to having multiple affairs, visiting prostitutes, window peeping, exhibitionism, sexual assault or child abuse.

The concept of what constitutes normal sexual behavior is subjective, but many psychology experts maintain that healthy sexuality involves an expression of intimacy between two people who respect each other. A healthy approach to sexuality following sex addiction recovery must assume this view as a starting point. Objectifying another human being expresses disrespect and contempt and cannot be a part of a healthy relationship.

Again, sex addiction often results from unmet emotional needs. Someone who did not receive healthy nurturing during developmental years is likely to have difficulty with interpersonal relationships, which can then compel them to seek solace through unhealthy sexual behaviors. Often at the root of this maladaptive behavior is that patients never learned to love, value or appreciate themselves. Someone who does not truly love herself will be incapable of loving another.

Treatment for Sex Addiction

The most important thing a recovering sex addict can do to learn to love himself is to stay in treatment and address the psychological issues at the heart of the addiction. Experts with training and experience in treating sex addiction are the very best resource for recovering addicts as they learn to accept the past while and move forward into a better future.

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