Drug Use and High-Risk Sexual Behavior

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Drug Use and High-Risk Sexual BehaviorThose who abuse drugs often face multiple physical, mental, and behavioral difficulties. One behavioral problem that is often present among drug users is high-risk sexual behavior. Sexual behaviors that lead to a number of different negative consequences and can cause long-term damage are considered high risk. Drug users may feel that drug intoxication is a valid excuse to become involved in behaviors that would otherwise be considered unacceptable.

What Is High-Risk Sexual Behavior?

High-risk sexual behaviors are those actions that leave the person with a risk for the development of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), unplanned pregnancy, or emotional damage. Unprotected intercourse is one of the most common forms of high-risk sexual behavior. Oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse should all be performed with a condom to minimize the risk of acquiring an STI. Other forms of birth control may be effective in reducing pregnancy; however, they are not able to prevent the transmission of STIs.

Having multiple sexual partners is another common high-risk sexual behavior. Having intercourse with a partner who has a past of many sexual partners is dangerous as well. In both scenarios, STIs are a large concern. Involvement in vaginal intercourse with many partners can also lead to pregnancy. In this case, the woman might not be able to determine who the father of the child is, which in turn, can lead to greater emotional distress.

Engaging in sexual behaviors at a young age is also considered high-risk. Before the brain has reached full maturity, the choices and consequences of sexual behaviors can be detrimental. Having sex for money or any other compensation may have the same effect. Those who partake in sex trade often end up with damaged self-esteem and personal concept.

Drug Use and High-Risk Sexual Behavior

People who are abusing drugs are at higher risk for involvement in these high-risk sexual behaviors. Younger people, in particular, may have a reduced inhibition and may feel that their actions will not reap consequences. This leads them into a wide variety of high-risk behaviors, such as drug use or sexual activity. For those at a younger age, the effects of these high-risk behaviors have stronger developmental consequences, possibly resulting in stunted mental and physical development.

In some cases, it is the drug use that leads to involvement in high-risk sexual behaviors. While many drugs inhibit sexual functioning, there are quite a few that may cause sexual arousal or aggression. Cocaine, MDMA, methamphetamine, and ketamine are all drugs known to increase arousal. The use of these drugs, as well as all others, may lead people to feel they have an excuse to partake in behaviors that might otherwise be considered unacceptable.

In extreme cases, drugs have even been used to facilitate rape and sexual assault. Known as “date rape drugs”, these substances allow sexual criminals to incapacitate their victims and partake in high-risk sexual behaviors. Victims of these crimes often face extreme emotional damage, as well as the risk of STIs and pregnancy.

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