Dangers of Maintaining a Sex Addiction

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Dangers of Maintaining a Sex AddictionSexual addiction is a disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and behaviors. Like other addictions, untreated sexual addiction can lead to increased sexual behaviors to achieve the same results. Not all sexual addicts become involved in illegal sexual activity, but many do become sex offenders if untreated. Understanding what sexual addiction looks like, getting diagnosed early and seeking treatment can stop sexually addictive behaviors and decrease the risk of relapse. Admitting you have a problem with sexual addiction and seeking treatment is the first step to recovery.

Treatment for Sexual Addiction

Because of the sensitive nature of sexual addiction, those who struggle with it find it difficult to reach out for help. Mental health providers understand how hard it is to ask for help and are sensitive to the unique needs of those who deal with this issue, so they strive to provide the best treatment possible while protecting your privacy. Treatment programs for sexual addiction usually begin with a period of diagnosis, during which time the program psychotherapists look for any underlying mental illness contributing to or causing the addiction. Patients with sexual addiction often have other addictive behaviors like alcohol or drug addiction. Getting to the heart of the problem and designing an individual plan of psychotherapy, medication, group therapy and family therapy increases the chances of success. Besides diagnosis, sexual addiction treatment may also involve the following factors:

  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy to increase your awareness of unconscious thoughts and behaviors, which can help you find new ways of dealing with conflict or stress
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy helps sex addicts identify negative thoughts and actions and replace them with positive alternatives
  • Because sexual addiction can impact the entire family, and specifically relationships, going to counseling with your partner can strengthen the recovery process

If you seek help in these ways you can mitigate the problems of sex addiction.

The Dangers of Untreated Sexual Addiction

Many people struggle with various forms of sexual addiction. As with other addiction, the need to increase the addictive behaviors can be overwhelming since addicts need more of the activity to achieve the same results. Over time this can lead to increased risk taking, which may compel involvement in illegal sexual activities. This will make the addiction recovery process more complicated, as sex addicts now may have legal issues. As with any addictive behavior, sexual addiction carries certain health risks. Unprotected sex, sex with multiple partners or combining drugs and alcohol with sex can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases or harm to others. Getting treatment for a sexual addiction can protect you and others from mental and physical dangers.

Find Help for Sexual Addiction

Many people struggle with sexual addiction, so it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Getting help early can increase your chances for recovery and decrease the likelihood of relapse.