Credit Card Debt and Sex Addiction

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Credit Card Debt and Sex AddictionSexual addiction is defined as being unable to manage one’s sexual behavior and allowing promiscuity and compulsive sexual behavior to put one’s family, career or health at risk. While sex addiction is sometimes stigmatized as being based solely on perversion, science has determined that it is an intimacy disorder that can be treated with the proper care. Currently, The Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health estimates that 3%-5% of United States citizens suffer from a form of sexual addiction.

Of these millions of people battling with sexual compulsions, many face consequences for their behaviors that can become damaging issues. One of the most common problems that sex addicts face is credit card debt, as their money is just as tied into their addiction as it would be for a substance abuser.

How Sex Addiction Causes Credit Card Debt

People find themselves in debt for many reasons, however sex addicts might find their problems directly related to their need for sexual pleasure. Not only can sexual addiction cause emotional and physical damage, but also burn out credit cards and sink an addict and his or her family into debt. Some of the ways this can occur include:

  • Paying for sex – Sexual addiction can lead to addicts looking for sex in many different places. This includes using prostitutes and sexual favor services that can put an addict in debt. For example, Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York, spent over $80,000 in the 10 years he was soliciting prostitutes and call girls.
  • Unemployment – Many sex addicts find themselves having to satisfy their sexual impulses at all times of the day, including during work hours. It is not uncommon for workplace computer activity to be monitored, and pornographic materials and use uncovered. This can lead to job termination, unemployment, and reliance on credit cards to support themselves and their families.
  • Frequenting strip clubs – Attending strip clubs frequently can be an easy way to fall into debt, as an addict is likely to spend cash during visits, leaving him to rely on his credit card for basic needs.
  • Paying for porn – While some porn is free online, more extensive pornographic material is available through purchase. To avoid others from tracking these purchases, addicts might open a new credit card specifically for this purpose. Having numerous credit cards can quickly lead to debt.

Battling a sexual addiction is often more financially dangerous than battling a substance abuse problem, as addicts might not feel that they are racking up debt since they are not paying for their addiction at the time of purchase.

Sex Addiction Help

Getting help for a sex addiction is the best way to start paying off all acquired debt. Sexual addiction treatment can include helping addicts learn to control their compulsive behaviors through coping skills and medication, as well as encouraging them to join support groups that can decrease their chance of relapse. As the pieces of their recovery come together, sex addicts can then begin to address the debt caused by their addiction and begin to pay it off.

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