Sex Addiction Treatment Costs

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Sex Addiction CostsResearching the treatments costs for a sexual addiction means you are actively seeking help for you or someone you love who is struggling with this disorder. Obviously, the goal is to get your life back on track. However, cost can be a factor with any kind of treatment. To get a complete idea of the costs associated with effective treatment, you should consider all your options. Among the choices would be a stay at an inpatient rehabilitation facility, an ongoing outpatient recovery program and/or continuing forms of support group help. Picking the right program will depend on the severity of the addiction and your budget.

Education on Sex Addiction

Understanding the nature of a sexual addiction can help you to not only admit to the problem but also seek out effective treatment programs. There is a vast amount of data and research available online that can be accessed for free. Once you have an appreciation for the scope of this disorder, you can begin to understand how challenging it will become for an addict to overcome their desires to act out on their sexual urges. Your research should also point out the difficulties of managing this addiction without professional help.

12-Step Groups for Sexual Addiction

As with Alcoholics Anonymous, there are 12-step programs that have been adapted to help with the recovery journey for a sex addict. At these regular meetings, the person struggling with an addiction will find support from individuals who are coping with the same issues in their lives. These are safe places that encourage sharing through testimony as a way of healing. A strong support system is key to the success of any type of recovery program. These programs are also often established on a volunteer basis which means they could be free of charge or require a small donation.

Sex Addiction Therapy

Once the sex addict admits to their problem, it could be time to seek professional help. Working directly with a certified clinical therapist will allow a person who is trying to manage a sexual addiction to get at the causes for this disorder. This might mean some very intense and ongoing sessions that will be required to peel away the layers of emotional pain and distress. This type of therapy can cost anywhere between $75 to $300 an hour depending on the therapist. There might also come a time when the spouse of a sex addict would be brought into these therapy sessions to help strengthen the bonds of that relationship.

Residential Treatment for Sex Addiction

Deciding on a residential treatment approach for a sex addiction is a powerful choice to kickstart a recovery program. Whether the patient is at the beginning phase of an addiction cycle or the more extreme end, they will discover many benefits from the kind of focused attention that can be found at a residential sex addiction treatment facility.

The costs associated with a residential treatment stay vary depending on the location of the facility. There are many insurance programs that offer deferred costs for treatment. Check with your insurance provider.