Connection between Prostitution and Drug or Alcohol Addiction

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Connection between Prostitution and Drug or Alcohol AddictionProstitution and drug or alcohol addiction are closely connected in several ways, and individuals will need specialized help to get free from both.

Prostitution as a Way to Support Addiction

No matter how addiction begins, addicted individuals will do anything to keep their chemical needs met. Women and men may resort to selling their bodies for drug money. Addiction is expensive, and many addicts end up with impossible debts because of their disease.

Substance Abuse as a Way to Cope with Prostitution

Prostitution is devastating to a person emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. For many the only way to cope with the constant anxiety, fear, depression and loneliness is through substance abuse. Physical abuse, family estrangement, legal consequences and sexually transmitted disease add to the trauma prostitutes endure. Fictionalized accounts of prostitution in modern entertainment often try to paint pictures of attractive, empowered women living a glamorous lifestyle. The truth is that modern prostitution is a form of human trafficking, and this abuse is impossible for many to cope with.

Breaking Free from Prostitution and Addiction

Addiction is a physical and psychological disease. Prostitution is damaging both physically and psychologically. Breaking free from prostitution and addiction requires the following specialized tools:

  • Diagnosis of any co-occurring or underlying emotional disorders
  • Personal counseling
  • Medically supervised detox
  • Confidential and protected removal from the streets
  • Education
  • Spiritual care
  • Customized 12-step programs
  • Relocation services
  • Aftercare

With the right help you can put the nightmare of addiction and prostitution behind you.

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