Celebrities and Sex Addiction

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Celebrities and Sex AddictionAt this point, it should be clear whether or not it is possible to be addicted to sex. Remember first of all that addiction is a psychological phenomenon that is distinct from physical dependence. Addiction may be defined as “repeatedly or compulsively engaging in destructive behaviors despite negative consequences.” Celebrities who have everything to lose and risk it all on sexual impulses stand as prime examples of the consequences of sex addiction.

Well-Known Sex Addicts

It is often difficult to determine if one’s impulsive sexual behavior truly qualifies as sex addiction. Thus, reliable data regarding the extent of sex addiction remains elusive. However, the prevalence of seemingly addictive sexual behavior among our celebrities may be indicative of the extent of the problem in society as a whole and may serve as circumstantial evidence at least that sex addiction is very common, even among people who are considered very successful.

A cursory list of celebrities who have admitted to, sought treatment for, or displayed behavior indicative of sex addiction includes the following:

  • President John Fitzgerald Kennedy; JFK died before sex addiction was even recognized; however, many consider the predatory sexual behavior he displayed to be indicative of sex addiction;
  • President William Jefferson Clinton; Clinton may or may not be a sex addict; in either case he sacrificed a very promising presidency to his sexual dalliances and, despite the occasional brilliance of his statesmanship, will forever be remembered primarily for embarrassing the country by engaging in illicit sex;
  • Tiger Woods; one of the most fabulously successful athletes of all time found tabloid notoriety due to an extramarital affair and subsequently checked himself into rehab as a sex addict;
  • Television star David Duchovny admitted to sex addiction and checked into rehab in 2008;
  • Other celebrities who have admitted to or are suspected of sex addiction include Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Kanye West, Billy Bob Thornton, Eliot Spitzer, Tom Sizemore, Steve Phillips and Jesse James;
  • Pop star Britney Spears, pageant queen and Playboy Playmate Kari Ann Peniche, supermodel Amber Smith and television star and former Playboy Playmate Pamela Anderson have all admitted to, sought treatment for or displayed behavior indicative of sex addiction, proving that sex addiction is not just for men but afflicts women as well.

Treating Sex Addiction

Celebrities seeking treatment for sex addiction invariably check into exclusive (and expensive) treatment facilities or participate in sensational “reality” television shows like Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. This public exposure of the problem may serve to increase public awareness of sex addiction, but it may also have the negative effect of causing people to think that treatment is so expensive as to be out of the reach of ordinary people. However, the techniques used to treat sex addiction at exclusive rehab centers are the same ones used at centers available to persons of more modest means.

Finding Treatment for Sex Addiction

Sex addiction almost invariably stems from underlying emotional issues. If you or someone you know is addicted to sex, treatment is available to help address the underlying issues and overcome the addiction. If you would like help finding treatment for sex addiction, or if you have any questions about sex addiction and treatment, please call our toll-free 24 hour helpline today.