Can I Still Have Sex after Recovering from Sex Addiction?

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Can I Still Have Sex after Recovering from Sex Addiction?With the majority of addictions, those who are in recovery cannot partake in the drugs or alcohol again. If they pick up that glass or turn to their drug of choice, even once, the addictive behaviors will rapidly return. But, sex is not the problem for someone with a sexual addiction; the loss of control and the other self-destructive behaviors are the area of concern.

The Symptoms of Sex Addiction

A sexual addiction can be incredibly destructive. Like all addictive behaviors there are several symptoms that are seen frequently in those who are struggling with a sexual addiction. These include the following:

  • Extramarital affairs
  • Multiple partners
  • Anonymous partners and one-night stands
  • Excessive self-stimulation
  • Voyeurism
  • Making use of prostitutes
  • Exhibitionism
  • Emotional distancing from spouses
  • Refraining from sexual activity with spouse
  • Partaking in increasingly risky behaviors to experience the desired sensations

The symptoms of sex addiction can vary greatly between individuals, depending on numerous factors. It is very important to note that there are several key differences between a normal and healthy sexual appetite and self-destructive behaviors.

What Causes Sexual Addiction?

One of the key differences between healthy sexual activity and addictive behaviors will be the events and emotions that have led to the addiction. The causes of sex addiction can vary greatly. Some of them may have led to an inability to express emotions and intimacy in a healthy manner. Different causes of sex addiction include the following:

  • Sexual assault as an adult
  • Chronic anxiety or loneliness
  • Depression or bipolar disorder
  • Previous addictions or addictive tendencies
  • Sexual abuse as a child
  • Having seen a parent or role model exhibit destructive sexual behaviors
  • Emotionally distant or abusive parents

Professional Help for Sex Addiction

When you receive professional help for sex addiction, you will receive the benefit of several forms of therapy. This treatment aims to help you to understand the root causes of your addictive behaviors. Your sex addiction recovery should definitely include abstaining from sexual activity until you have learned how to better handle yourself, your emotions, and/or also learned how to connect with your spouse in a healthy manner.

A 90-day program can be greatly beneficial to someone struggling with sex addiction. Learning your triggers for addictive and destructive behaviors can also help you embark on a life that is filled with healthy relationships.

Remember that sexual activity is not the actual problem; your relationship with intimacy and sex is the problem you needs to work through during rehab. The goal is to learn how to relate to your partner on a healthy intimate level while also learning boundaries for your behaviors. Complete abstinence is not always a workable solution for someone with a sexual addiction.

Get Quality Professional Help

Call our sex addiction helpline to find out more information about the benefits of a sex addiction rehab program. Calls are toll free to our 24 hour helpline. Our counselors will handle your call in complete confidence. Quality sex addiction treatment can help you address all of the factors contributing to your sexual addiction, as well as help you learn healthy methods of moving forward with a life that is healthier and happier. Find treatment that is covered by your insurance now.