Athletes and Sex Addiction

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Athletes and sex addictionOver the past few years there have been many sex scandals involving athletes. Sometimes it seems that athletes struggle with more addictions than ever, but public addictions among athletes weren’t as publicized before television, internet and mass media made these personal issues a public event. With the growth of media and technology there is an eye on all that athletes do both on and off the field. While this publication of personal life often becomes the issue instead of the individual’s struggle, sex addiction in athletes remains an important issue.

Why Do Athletes Struggle with Sex Addiction?

Reasons athletes experience high levels of sex addiction may include the following:

  • Failure to connect emotionally: Some people are not comfortable around members of the opposite sex. They aren’t able to connect on an emotional level, so they connect on a sexual level.
  • Desire for a sense of control: Many athletes are competitive by nature, and sex addiction may provide a sense of dominance or control.
  • Fear of being hurt: Relationships often don’t work out for athletes due to busy schedules and lots of travel. They end up getting hurt in love, and this causes them to seek fulfillment without the risk of emotional pain.
  • Availability: It can be difficult for an athlete to abstain from sex, as partners are often readily available.

Most athletes are apprehensive about getting treatment for sex addiction, as a public struggle can result in infamy. However untreated sex addiction is even more likely to end in scandal. A sex scandal can destroy the image and personal life of an athlete, and this can propel the addiction further.

Confidential and Private Sex Addiction Treatment for Athletes

Confidential sex addiction treatment is available. While all medical treatment is subject to privacy laws, luxury addiction treatment works even harder to provide exclusive facilities and keep the identity of the patient hidden. While all reputable and licensed treatment facilities offer privacy and follow HIPPA privacy laws, some treatment centers are better suited to meet the needs of celebrities, athletes and executives. Seeking private sex addiction treatment is the best thing to do. Sex addiction can lead to personal and professional problems, and it can lead to an even greater problem of combined substance abuse and sex addiction. Finding temporary solace in drugs or alcohol will not benefit sex addiction recovery. The right treatment program can help you overcome all addictions and remain healthy and happy in the future.

Find Reputable, Licensed Addiction Rehabilitation for Athletes Now

It is easy to get addicted to sex, but recovery is not as simple. Getting treatment for it early on could save you from trouble later.